10 Reasons My Kids Love Year Round Homeschooling

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It is no secret that I love year round homeschooling, but what about the “little” people that I’m required to do school throughout the twelve months of the year? Do they enjoy year round homeschooling as much as I do?

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I decided to ask them to share several reasons why they love year round homeschooling! Surprisingly there were not complaints in sharing not did they ask to go back to a “normal” school schedule when summertime homeschooling came up. I love hearing why kids love homeschooling and what they love about it, so it was fun to hear what my kids had to say this time around!

If you are considering moving to a year round homeschooling schedule, but aren’t sure how your children would respond to it, consider what my kids have to say…

  • Our daily school schedule is relaxed, there is no set start time. 
  • In the summer and winter we can do school when the weather isn’t great.
  • Homeschool days are shorter because we have longer to complete our studies. 
  • During 3 of the 4 seasons we can take our lessons outside.
  • Summertime homeschooling includes lots of fun like; Shark Week, swimming and P.E. 
  • We take vacation anytime we want to and go visit extended family far away.
  • Fall homeschooling includes lots of outdoor learning and hiking trips! 
  • Our field trips are quieter because we go when most people are in school still.
  • In the wintertime we get to learn about and enjoy snow and ice! 
  • The spring season allows us to learn about nature as it is happening!

I will say that the first year we were year round homeschoolers, my children weren’t thrilled about doing school in the summertime. Yet, I pushed through. I made sure to point out the many benefits there were to homeschooling year round as things were happening! I wanted my children to be able to see what they were enjoying thanks to year round homeschooling.

Aside from becoming child led homeschoolers, year round homeschooling has been the best decision I’ve made throughout our homeschool journey. I’m thankful that I made this schedule change before we bought our family business. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to homeschool following a “normal” school schedule AND run a family business!

What do your children love about your homeschool schedule?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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