4 Ways to Know When To Transition to Kindergarten

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Can you believe summer is practically gone and fall is on the way? As families that homeschool year round, ideally we know when to transition our children from one grade to to the other. However, there are a few occurrences that can stump us- such as when to transition your child from preschool to kindergarten.

My daughter J started kindergarten this year and to be honest, I never really had to think twice about the transition. Today I am sharing with you 4 tips on how to know when its time to put away all those preschool activities and worksheets and start working on kindergarten worksheets and activities.

4 Ways to Know When To Transition to Kindergarten - By Alecia


Your child has surpassed all the preschool goals that you have set for him/ her. At the beginning of the school you made the effort to write a few preschool goals and your vision that you would be working towards. However, now that you are evaluating them, you realized that ALL your GOALS have been met. If you are at this point and your preschool goals were thought through carefully, it is time to transition to kindergarten.


Preschool seems to be going great. Your child is enjoying all the activities and they seem to be learning a lot, but then one day, they just seem bored. Like any responsible parent, you keep going for another week or two to see if the boredom is just a phase. Sadly, you find out that they are truly bored and everything is too easy. Their little minds are craving more challenges. When this happens, its time to transition.


The year is going smoothly and you are happy with the curricula you purchased. Your kids are loving it and they seem to want more and more activities. Then it happens- you have finished the entire curricula in a shorter time than expected. When your kids seem a little bored with all the exercises you are trying to do to buy time between curricula purchases, its time to transition.


So this isn’t an obvious sign, but as parents who homeschool we tend to just know when our kids need to be transitioned to the next level. Trust that gut feeling. If they started the work and it seems too challenging, either slow down with the new level or return to the previous level.

With these 4 tips in mind, I am hopeful that identifying when to transition your child from preschool to kindergarten will be less stressful.

Have your children transitioned lately?

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