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When you’re a year round homeschooler the upcoming summer season doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a vacation. In fact, I get very little for vacation during the summer months because we school through July and in August I spend time gathering all of the materials for the upcoming school year.

While we don’t take an official break for the summer, our homeschooling does look quite a bit different than it does the rest of the year. We enjoy a lot more hands-on outdoor learning and activities in the summer, since it is the best outdoor month in Maine. Most of the traditional school subjects get placed on the back burner as we make room for lots of child led homeschooling!

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My daughter will be finishing up her 5th Grade Math from Rod and Staff this summer and she couldn’t be any happier! Once that resource has been completed, she will be moving to Teaching Textbooks for Math class! Not only does she look forward to using it, I’m also thrilled because I’m not a mathematician and I love that Teaching Textbooks teaches perfectly for my visual learners and they grade the lessons too!

Our English curriculum of choice is also from Rod and Staff. My mother used this curriculum with both of my brothers and I and I’ve found that there is not another English/Language Arts curriculum better than this. It covers everything that my children need for Grammar and Writing. While we do use a Middle School Writing Curriculum, it is not because Rod and Staff is lacking. I have an avid writer and a reluctant writer, so as a writer I felt the need for additional activities to encourage both of them to write and write well!

Ancient Egypt Unit Study

My son loves history and if you ask him what he wants to do when he grows up, he will say, “Other than be a Lego® designer, I want to be an Archaeologist.” So, it was no surprise that he chose the Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study as one of his summer curriculum choices.

My daughter loves the history of Ancient Egypt specifically, so she will also be using this unit study over the summer for homeschooling.

As my children are getting older I’m moving them to a more PC based and online homeschool. I believe it is important for them to know how to use the computer and internet and with our family business growing and my online business growing, I want them to be able to accomplish their lessons without me having to be so hands-on. I love that this Unit Study is solely based ONLINE! The entire course is broken down my lessons with videos, activities, literature, writing and much more for students to complete throughout the course!

Your kids will have the opportunity to share their creations in a private Facebook group, like a Show and Tell! At the end of their study they’ll need to research, write and create a presentation documenting what they’ve learned throughout the Online Unit Study!


My avid writer is my daughter and she is also my artistic child, before she even saw the Fine Linen & Purple Coloring Journal, I knew that it was the perfect fit for her! She is always looking for new ways to integrate writing and her art together, this resource is going to be a great addition to her summertime homeschooling!

Inside you’ll find 28 journaling pages and 28 coloring for your teen girls to use as part of their Bible studies. Each journaling page includes a Bible verse of the day and she’ll be asked two questions in reference to the Bible verse of the day and there is a “Pen” section for your daughter to record her thoughts or a prayer.

I love that my daughter will be able to combine her love for writing and art with her Bible reading each day. Knowing that the curriculum she will be using for art and writing over the summer keeps her grounded in God’s word is a great comfort to me!

Bible Lego Challenges Anytime that you can combine homeschooling with Lego®, my son is thrilled! In fact, I created my Homeschool: Lego Pinterest Board just for him! Bible is a huge part of our homeschooling, so he is going to be excited that with his daily Bible lesson he can include a Lego® design!

Inside the Proverbs Lego® Challenge you’ll find 3 different resources for all 31 chapters. Each day there are 5 suggested build challenges that apply to your daily Bible reading, a manuscript copywork page featuring a verse from your daily Bible reading and a notebooking page that includes a few verses from the Proverb of the day, a space to draw part of the lesson and a discussion question.

I am interested to see how my son enjoys this study, he loves Lego, but often prefers to follow the directions included in the box. Since there aren’t specific instructions, it will require him to be creative! Since my son is in Middle School, I love that there are notebooking pages included in addition to the copywork pages which are for younger students.

How to Start Your Own Business

Both of my children have dreams of starting their own business. My daughter would love to start one right now, while my son is just getting interested in life beyond the walls of Mom and Dad’s home. They both were excited to find this homeschool resource and are looking forward to using it this summer!

Inside the student’s notebook you’ll find 5 sections to help your child begin planning and eventually begin their own business. Section 1 contains worksheets to help your child determine just what type of business they want to run and what it does. It also encourages them to write a mission and vision statement for their business. Section 2 digs into business matters more in depth, covering what the business will offer. There are also financial worksheets in this section to help your child determine what finances they will need, how to save money for their business and a helpful pricing worksheet too. Section 3 is all about advertising; from fliers to business cards and websites, your child will learn how important advertising truly is! Section 4 covers communication with clients/customers, there are appointment pages, order forms and more! Section 5 helps teach your children the importance of accounting, supplies, inventory, taxes and daily to-do lists! There is also a Parent’s Guide that covers everything included in the student’s notebook with a bit more detail, but the only notebooking/planning pages are in the student’s notebook.

I love this resource! I can not imagine having tried to help my children start their own business alone after seeing this resource! Each aspect of the family business we already run is covered to help kids know exactly what is going to be required of them by starting their own business. Even if my children do not choose to start their own business, I know that this resource will teach them many life skills that they will need as adults.

U.S. Military Collection

I am a Navy Brat, so the military is close to my heart and thus close to my children’s hearts as well. When my son found this amazing U.S. Military Collection, he had to have it for his summer homeschool schedule! He can not wait to dig into it!

Inside each of the collections (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) you’ll find fun military themed learning activities; including but not limited to the following: True or False Statements, Timeline Organization, Decoding Messages, Research Assignments, Math Skills, Historic Calendar and Manuscript and Cursive Copywork.

I’m amazed at the depth of history covered in each of these military packs! There are more than 50 pages in all of these packs, with some closer to 100! My son is going to love learning about the 5 military branches in a fun way this summer!

The Study of Psalm 119

The book of Psalm is full of so much encouragement, praise and lessons about God and His Word. Reading just one chapter a day can brighten your outlook on life! My children love to read the book of Psalm so much that I have to encourage them to pick a different book of the Bible to read during their personal devotions from time to time!

Inside The Study of Psalm 119 you’ll find 22 weeks worth of lessons covering the 119th chapter of Psalm. Your students will spend time each day learning what we’re supposed to do with God’s Word on a daily basis. Each week they’ll cover 8 verses and every verse has a simple section to help them apply the verses to their lives. They will also memorize a memory verse each week – through read aloud and copywork, complete a total of 3 workbook pages each week and a chart page that requires them to apply the Scripture for the week to their lives. There is an instruction sheet that will help your child remember what activities they are to do each day and you’ll find an answer sheet included as well.

I love how this Bible study will help children learn to dig into Scripture and apply it to their lives! Bible memory is something my children are great at (they’ve participated in Awana in the past), but we have not done it in a long time, so I love that it is part of this study! The small doses that this Bible study provides is just right for kids just learning how to study God’s word on their own!

Every Child Can SucceedI always look for a few resources to read through and learn from during the summer homeschooling months. Since the children’s lessons are a little less intense and our schedule is more relaxed, I have more time to read. When I saw this resource, I knew that it would be an encouraging and inspiring read for me to tackle this summer!

Inside Every Child Can Succeed: The Story of Multiple Intelligences you’ll find encouragement for teaching your child to grow up to be who God made them to be, that their intelligence is not based on school work alone. I found the breakdown of the different intelligences to be interesting and helpful in determining how I can further educate my children better based on the intelligence that God gifted them with!

I love that it has a Teacher’s Planner to go with it! Instead of just reading and doing my best to remember everything I’ve read, I’m able to put pen to paper and can go back at any point in time for a refresher!

Summers truly are our favorite months to homeschool! We can take our homeschool lessons outdoors each day to enjoy the sunshine and the warmth it provides or we can stay indoors and enjoy the quiet. As the teacher, I like to sit back and watch my children learn on their own throughout the summer months! From crayfish to Salmon, from lake glass to ducks, our summertime homeschooling brings in some of the most adventurous memories by far!

What are you going to be doing throughout your summertime homeschooling?

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