We Chose to Homeschool Year Round

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Hi! My name is Alecia. I am of relatively average height (ok, maybe 5’1″ isn’t average) and I homeschool year round with my preschooler.


I would have loved to have an Emmy award winning plot of why we chose to homeschool year round.

Picture it: I would be sitting calmly in a field of daisies just reflecting on life when thunder and lightening start to compete for my attention. Once the competition ends, I hear harps and the following thought would enter my mind…

Alecia, homeschooling year round is the way to go.

We Chose to Homeschool Year Round - By Alecia

Unfortunately, I am going to have to disappoint you. No Emmy stories. My reason for homeschooling year round is simple really. It just makes sense.

J (my 2.5 year old daughter) is constantly learning and learning does not simply pause for summer holidays. If learning does not take holidays, then why should homeschooling?

Homeschooling year round also works for us because there will be no mad rush to finish a particular book or program. There will also be no long awkward break for summers either. We finish when we finish and then we simply move on. For example, J is doing a popular reading program that is slated to last for the entire school year. However she has already finished it and moved on to something else. The second program she’s using will last throughout the summer.

Do I then go into panic mode? No. We will finish when we finish. Simple.

Year round homeschooling also allows us to be flexible. If J is sick or decides to spend time at Grandma’s, I don’t have to worry. We simply resume when she returns home.

Guilt free vacations and holidays. This is just what it says. I will not feel guilty for taking off to Paris (wishful thinking). We will simply pick up where we left off once I get back.

That’s it in a nutshell really. I choose to homeschool year round because learning takes place year round. Life does not give summer holidays and breaks so why should we?
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