Christian Christmas High School Pack

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This Christian Christmas High School Pack will help your teens focus on Jesus in the midst of the busy holiday season. 

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Christmas is my favorite holiday. I’ve loved it since I was a little girl. Even when my family stopped taking part in the celebration growing up. 

My earliest Christmas memory takes me back to Bulverde, Texas. I wasn’t even 5 years old. 

It was likely the last Christmas my parents celebrated in their home. 

I was laying in the living room next to the Christmas tree with a book in my hand. 

It was a Christmas story reusable sticker book. I’ve looked for it online. At flea markets. In antique stores. 

I’ve never been able to find it. Someday I truly hope that I will. 

This is a very special memory for me. I love that it reminds me that my parents taught me what Christmas was really about when I was a little girl. 

Even though we didn’t celebrate Christmas in our home after that, I knew that Jesus was Christmas. For without Him, there is no Christmas. 

We’ve always celebrated Christmas in our home. I’ve worked hard to create family Christmas traditions that remain focused on Christ. 

I never want my children to forget…or even me to forget that Jesus is Christmas. 

Someday I hope that my children will do the same in their own homes. Teaching their children that Christmas is Jesus. 

Jesus = Christmas. Christmas = Jesus. 

Teens are often included in “secret” Christmas happenings in the home. After all, they need to learn about them in order to carry on the family traditions, right?

However, I’m certain that you’ll still need a few moments on your own. This resource was created for those moments a mom needs at Christmastime.  

Your high schoolers will work on their vocabulary skills, creative writing, community service and more using this Christian Christmas High School Pack.

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