Colorado Notebooking Pages

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These Colorado Notebooking Pages will make it easy and a bit more fun for your kids to share what they’ve learned about “The Centennial State“. 

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Writing is not a pastime that all children enjoy. In fact, in my experience, most children would rather be doing something else…anything else. 

Growing up, I would rather be reading a book than writing. 

I have no doubt, that my love and both reading and writing, is due to my mother’s dedication to my education. 

She read aloud to me until I could read on my own. I am a fast reader and she couldn’t keep up with my thirst for literature by reading aloud.

I was never lacking books to read. Whether we had new ones to keep or we took a trip to the library, I always had books. 

My love for writing came later in life, but I know that had my mom not instilled a love for reading in me that writing would not be enjoyable. 

While these Colorado Notebooking Pages aren’t guaranteed to make your children enjoy writing, they can make it a bit more fun for kids of all ages. 

I’ve included lined pages for students from Preschool through High School inside this pack. 

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