Confession: Life Still Happens When You Homeschool

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It’s true. Just because we’ve chosen to homeschool doesn’t mean life ceases to throw us curve balls. Our days can end up just as crazy as anyone else’s. Another truth? You can still homeschool successfully when life happens.

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I never would have imagined that I would be homeschooling and that we would be running a family business, but we are. Does it have hard days? Yes. Are there days when I wonder how I’ll get everything done? Yes. Yet, I know that homeschooling is what is right for my children. It is what God has called me to do. So, on the days that seem to hard I’m reminded that all good things take hard work and that some day I will look back on these hard days and be thankful that I pushed through.

Today I’m excited to announce that I’m the proud co-author of a new book, Homeschool Successfully When Life Happens. My story to figuring out how to homeschool AND run a family business is in this new book!

Homeschool Successfully When Life Happens - Co-Authored by Misty Leask

Inside this book you’ll also find 12 more chapters written by homeschooling moms that have each learned to homeschool successfully while overcoming obstacles in their family’s lives. Some of the topics covered include homeschooling an only child, homeschooling a struggling reader, homeschooling with learning challenges and much more!

This brand new homeschooling resource is $5.99!

If you’re a homeschool mom or are thinking about becoming a homeschool mom, I encourage you to grab a copy of this great resource! Homeschooling is a great gift to our children and ourselves, through homeschooling we’re able to enjoy life together, ensure our children are learning about things they love and how they learn best!

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