Elementary Morse Code Unit Study

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History isn’t always a subject that children enjoy.  I’ve tried to make it interesting and fun for my children by teaching them about specific people and events. This Elementary Morse Code Unit Study will teach your kids about a very important event and person in history. 

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Morse Code is a very important historic invention. Though, it isn’t one that I’ve found taught through textbooks. 

I find Morse Code to be fascinating. When my son was in Boy Scouts, we had the opportunity to stay overnight on a battleship. 

While we were there, he and I were able to learn a bit of Morse Code and practice using it on the ship. 

That trip is one of my favorite memories with my son. We had a wonderful time together, just he and I. 

As a Navy Brat, staying overnight on a Naval ship was exciting. When I was growing up, women weren’t allowed on ships overnight. So, I was not able to participate in any of the dependent overnight trips with my dad. That made this trip with my son extra-special. 

Children love using secret codes and after your children complete this study, I believe you’ll find that they start using it as their own “secret code” together. 

Through this Elementary Morse Code Unit Study, your children will learn about the inventor of morse code, the electric telegraph, the history of morse code and more!

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