Free Camping Unit Study and Printables (Middle School)

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If you have a camping trip planned for this summer, your middle schoolers will enjoy getting ready for the fun with this free camping unit study!

Below you’ll find resources for a free unit study, exclusive camping printables and other camping resources for your middle schooler. We’ve compiled various online resources including; camping safety and hazard articles, videos, activities and more.

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Camping Safety

Camping and Woods Safety (Online Article)

Camping Safety and Rules for Kids (Online Article)

10 Must Have Camping First Aid Items for Kids (Online Article)

Bad Weather Survival Kids (Online Article with Shopping Links)


Camping Hazards

How to Identify Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac (Online Article)

Recognizing, How to Treat and Detecting the Symptoms of Poisonous Plants (Online Article)

9 Camping Dangers (Online Article)

Top 5 Common Dangers When Camping (Online Article)


Camping Gear

Pick the Right Gear for Kids (Online Article with Reviews and Shopping Links)

How to Choose & Use a Backpack (Online Article)

How to Build a Survival Shelter (Online Article)

How to Build a Debris Shelter (You Tube Video)

Building a Debris Hut (You Tube Video)


Camping Meal Planning Ideas

10 Easy Camping Food and Recipes for Kids (Online Article & Recipes)

Campfire French Toast (Recipe)

30 Camping Dutch Oven Recipes

15 Camping Breakfast Recipes

Campfire Cones (Recipe)


Camping Activities

Hiking and Camping Activities (Online Article with Games and Printables)

Campfire Stories (Online Article)

Clean Jokes for Kids (Online Article)

Short Camp Stories (Online Article)


Camping Projects and Crafts

Woodcraft Projects (Online Article with Project Directions)

Pine Cone Weather Station (Online Article)

Eggs-tra Special Campfire Starter (Instructions)

Make a Mold of Animal Tracks (Online Article and Instructions)


Camping Games

Easy Camping Activities for Kids (Online Article with Game Directions)

5 Campfire Games to Play (Online Article)

10 Fun Camping Games for Kids (Online Article)

10 Campfire Games You Have to Play (Online Article with Game Directions)



Camping Fun Facts

20 Outdoor Facts to Impress Your Friends (Online Article)


Camping Music for Kids

Classic Campfire Songs (Chords and Lyrics)

Traditional and Silly Songs (Lyrics and Clips)


Free Camping Printables

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Camping Games

Free Printable Camping Checklist

Free Printable Camping Charades

Free Printable Camping Bingo Cards


Free Camping Quizzes

Free Online Survival Quiz

Free Online Camping Quiz


Free Tree Study Resources

Forestry/Natural Resources Lesson Plans

Forestry Lesson Plans

Learning from the Forest Lesson Plans


Free Leaf Printables

Free Printable Arbor Day Learning Pack

Free Leaves and Needles Identification Sheet

Free Leaf Identification Cards


Free Tree Printables

Free Printable Tree Bark Identification Sheet

Free How a Tree Eats, Drinks and Breathes Sheet

Free Reading a Tree’s Rings Sheet

Free Seeds Identification Sheet

Free Vintage Tree Identification Pages


Free Tree and Leaf Quizzes

Free Online What Tree is That Quiz

Free Online Tree Leaf Quiz

Free Online Tree Identification Quiz

Free Online Leaf Quiz


Free Wildlife Study Resources

How to Track Animals (You Tube Video)

Identifying Animal Tracks in the Mud (You Tube Video)

Identifying Animal Tracks in the Snow (You Tube Video)


Free Wildlife Printables

Free Printable Animal Tracks Match Up

Free Printable Animal Tracks Flash Cards

Free Printable I Spy Animal Clues

Free Printable Animal Track ID Cards



Free Wildlife Quizzes and Games

Free Winter World Quiz

Free Wildlife Crosswords 1 and 2



Free Constellation Study Resources

Free Constellation Lessons (Online Articles)

What are Constellations Anyway? (Online Article)

Navigating the North Star Lessons and Printables


Free Constellation Printables

Free Printable Night Sky Map

Free Printable Sky Tour Infographic

Free Printable Constellation Cards, Sky Maps & Star Gazing Diary

Free Printable Constellations

Free Printable Constellation Flash Cards



Constellation Activities

Make a Star Finder (Online Article with Directions)

Constellation Geoboards (Online Article with Directions)

Constellation Art (Online Article with Directions)

Constellation Craft Ideas (Online Article with Directions)


Free Constellation Quizzes and Games

Free Online Constellation Picture Quiz

Free Online Constellations Quiz

Free Online Space Hopper Constellation Game

Free Online Constellation Games


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