Free Farm Animals Unit Study and Printables (Middle School)

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Learning all about farm animals can be a wonderful learning experience both online and outdoors! Below you’ll find resources for a free unit study, exclusive farm animals printables and other farm animal themed resources for your middle schooler. A great activity for your farm animal unit study is a field trip to a farm where your student can see and learn from the farm animals themselves!

We’ve compiled various online resources including; videos, tests and more. You’ll also find free printables and lapbooks below.

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Free General Farm Resources

Growing Our Grain: The Science of Farming Lesson Plans & Video

Following the ‘Grain Chain’: From Field to Fork Lesson Plans & Video

Exploring the Variety of Flour and Grains Lesson Plans & Video

The Farming Business: Today and Tomorrow Lesson Plans

USA Farm Blogs

Free Farm Animal Songs

Songs About Farm Animals

Ag Book Lists

Agricultural Book Lists

Free Fun Farm Animal Facts

Fun Farm Animals Facts (You Tube Video)

Fun Farming Activities

Growing Seeds in a Plastic Bag Experiment

Free Farm Printables

Free Down on the Farm Notebooking Pages



Free Chicken Resources

Free Chicken Lapbook

 Free Chicken Art Lessons

Chicken Pastel Chalk Art

Clucking Chickens Craft and Lesson Plan

 Free Chicken Science Experiments

Egg Drop Experiment (Video)

Unbreakable Egg Experiment (Article)

Eggs and Air Pressure Experiment (Article & Video)

Dissolving Eggshell Experiment (Article)

Folding Egg Experiment (Article & Video)

Egg Hatching (You Tube Video)

Egg in a Bottle (Video)

Egg in a Bottle Upside Down Twist (Video)

Free Chicken Printables

Free Chicken Notebooking Page

Free Chick Writing Pages

Free Chicken Grid Page

Free Chick Grid Page



Free Horse Resources

Free Horses Unit Study

Free Horse Unit Study

Free War Horse Movie Study

Horse Poetry (Online Resource)

American Quarter Horse Color & Markings Reference Chart (Online Resource)

Horse Care (Article)

Complete Guide to Horse Blanketing (Article)

Free Horse Science Resources

Horse Digestive System (You Tube Video)

Free Fun Horse Facts

Fun Horse Facts (Online Resource)

Western Saddle Chart (Online Resource)

 Free Horse Printables

Free Horse Notebooking Page

Free Horse Notebooking Pages

Free Horse Copywork Pages

Free Horse Skeleton Page

Free Hoof Diagram Graphic

Free Horse Color Identification Chart Printable

 Free Horse Art Lessons

Horse Drawing Tutorial (Online Resource)



Free Cattle Resources

Free Cattle Lapbook and Unit Study

Free Cattle Lapbook

Virtual Dairy Farm Tour (Article)

How to Dry Off a Cow (Article)

How Do Cows Eat Grass (Article)

Making Cheese the Old Fashioned Way (You Tube Video) 

Free Cattle Art Lessons

Cow Painting Tutorial (Article)

Longhorn Cattle Drawing Tutorial (Article)

Cow Watercolor, Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorial (Article)

 Free Fun Cattle Facts

 Fun Cow Facts

Free Cattle Science Resources

Cow Eye Dissection Video and Printable Tutorial

Cow Eye Dissection Photograph Tutorial 

Beef Cow Anatomy (Online Resource)

A Cow’s Digestive System (You Tube Video)

Making Cheese the Old Fashioned Way (You Tube Video)

How to Milk a Cow By Hand (You Tube Video)

How to Make Butter (Article)



Free Pig Resources 

Free Pig Unit Study and Lapbook

Breeds of Pigs (Online Resource)

Popular US Pig Breeds (Online Resource)

Everything But the Oink (Article & Printables)

The Birthing Process of Piglets (You Tube Video)

How Do You Care for Pigs (You Tube Video)

What Do Pigs Eat? (You Tube Video)

 Free Pig Science Resources

Pig Heart Dissection (You Tube Video)

Fetal Pig External Anatomy & Dissection Worksheets

Fetal Pig Dissection Tutorial & Worksheets

Free Pig Art Lessons

Pig Drawing Tutorial (Online Resource)

Pig Paint Collage Tutorial (Online Resource)

Free Pig Printables

Free Pig Notebooking Page

Free Pig Writing Page

Free Grid Copy Pig



Free Sheep Resources

Do Sheep Only Obey Their Master’s Voice? (You Tube Video)

Sheep Breeds (Online Resource)

All About Sheep (Article)

Sheep 101 (Article)

Sheep Predators Facts (Article)

How to Shear a Sheep (You Tube Video)

The Difference Between Sheep and Goats (Article)

Wool Properties (Article)

All Natural Wool Properties (Article)

Processing Wool Fact Sheet (Article)

Wool Fabric Fact Sheet (Article)

 Free Sheep Science Resources

Fiber Activity (Article)

Insulation Test of Natural Wool (Article)

Sheep Heart Dissection Tutorial & Worksheets

Free Sheep Printables

Free Sheep Notebooking Pages

Sheep Anatomy


Free Sheep Art Lessons 

Fuzzy Lamb Drawing Worksheet and Lesson

How to Draw a Lamb

Using Hand Carders with Wool (You Tube Video) 

Spinning Wool by Hand (You Tube Video)

How to Build a Frame Loom for Kids

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