Resources for Studying Clouds

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In January we started a new science curriculum called Hands-on Science which is based on the South African Curriculum. We are starting with the Red Book that focuses on the Foundation phase (Kindergarten to Grade 3). This book will take us 3 years to complete.

Resources for Studying Clouds - By Jolene





Resources for Studying Clouds

This book covers the following topics:
1. Earth and Beyond
2. Energy and Change
3. Life and Living
4. Matter and Materials

We started off recording the types of clouds observed over a 5 day period and matched these to weather conditions. 

We then did an experiment on how evaporation, condensation and precipitation works. This was by far the easiest science experiment I have planned for this school year. It is quick, simple and easy.

We also made a poster showing the different types of clouds using cotton wool.

We also used the following online resources:

1. Clouds 3-Part Cards by Montessori Print Shop
2. The Water Cycle image by The Awkward Yeti
3. I used this blog post as inspiration for our cloud project: Preschool Geography {Clouds} by Carrots are Orange
4. Weather Chart by First Grade FUNdamentals
5. Water Cycle Wheel by E is for EXPLORE
6. Weather Tracking by Happy & Blessed Home
7. Weather Words Lapbook created by Ami on Homeschool Share
8. Make it rain project inspiration by I can teach my child

How have you enjoyed studying the clouds in your homeschool?



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