How to Create a Quiet Time in Your Homeschool

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A mother with little ones in her home knows exactly how important having a quiet time is to her family’s homeschooling journey. When you have little ones that need you a lot throughout the day quiet time often provides the opportunity to teach your older students. It isn’t just homeschool moms with littles that need to instill this in their homeschool day though, in fact I only have middle schoolers and I still implement it in our homeschool.

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There are many reasons that I believe every homeschool family should have a quiet time in their days, but I know that not every homeschool mom knows how to actually create a quiet time in her homeschool. It isn’t easy to implement something new in the midst of raising children, doing housework, loving your husband and taking care of yourself, but if we truly stop to think about it having a quiet time in our homeschool days will help every single one of those things and more!

A homeschool mother’s day begins before her feet even hit the floor. From the moment we stir our minds begin to race as we think of all the things that we need to get done throughout the day…

The laundry needs to be washed, the dishes need to be put away, the lessons we need to teach and that overflowing basket of socks really needs to be tackled before the entire family has no choice but to go barefoot because they’ll never find the matches in time to get out the door…oh, and we can’t forget to pull meat out of the freezer again because egg, potato and black bean breakfast tacos for dinner three times in one week might be just a bit too much.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Every homeschool mom needs a quiet time in her homeschool days to ensure that she is able to take care of her children, home, husband and herself. It simply is not healthy (and you will get sick!) if you try to do too much each day without stopping for a bit of quiet time.

  • Incorporating a quiet time into your homeschool days starts with you, the homeschool mom.

You have to know that both you and your children need it and if you aren’t sure whether you need a quiet time or not, see if this doesn’t help you decide.

  • Determine what time of day that you’ll implement your quiet time into.

You need to be sure that it is a time that you will be able to stick with as much as possible because children do best with consistency. So, if sports or appointments tend to keep you out of the house in the late afternoons, mornings or lunch time might be best for your family.

  • Decide what you and your children will do during this time. 

There may be days that you know your children need to rest and you need time to read, while other days you need to rest and you just want them read so you can. You’ll need to set up some rules as to what can and what can not be done during quiet time because if you don’t you may find yourself having a discussion (or an argument) some day because you weren’t specific enough as to what and what wasn’t allowed.

  • Implement your homeschool quiet time consistently 

Life happens and our homeschool days often don’t go as we plan, but once you’ve made the decision to have a quiet time during your homeschool days you need to do your very best at implementing it consistently. If you do not, you’ll likely end up in desperate need of a quiet time some day soon and your kids won’t know that you are serious about having quiet time that day because you weren’t consistent in implementing it.

Having a quiet time in your homeschool is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. Homeschool moms are always in need of finding peace in their days and this is just one easy way to help you find some each day! Whether you have little ones, elementary, middle school or high school students, quiet time in your homeschool is something you need!

How do you incorporate quiet time into your homeschool days?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling


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