Johnny Appleseed Lapbook Elements

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Learning about Johnny Appleseed is a lot of fun! You can incorporate fun apple themed science activities, grow an apple tree from an apple seed, teach your kids how important it is to take care of our trees and much more!

There are two days a year that we celebrate Johnny Appleseed, one of which is coming up very soon! There is time to put together a fun unit study, activities and literature to learn all about Johnny Appleseed in your homeschool this month! We celebrate him on March 11th, during the planting season, but September 26th is Johnny Appleseed’s acknowledged birthday. So, you can start learning about him now and then in March you can plant your own apple trees as part of your springtime homeschooling!

This year I have two middle schoolers in my home, so they are doing most of their own studies themselves. I will be close by to answer any questions they may have and to help them as needed, but it is time for them to start learning on their own. So, I have begun creating fun resources for my kids to use during their studies to share what they’ve learned!

When I made my Beach Lapbook Elements, I knew that I wanted to share them with you too! There is probably one questions that you have, so let me answer it!

What is a lapbook elements pack?

Lapbook elements are perfect for middle schoolers as they require your children to do the research about the topic themselves and then record what they’ve learned using a file folder and the fun printables provided.

johnny appleseed lapbook, johnny appleseed

I hope that you and your children have a wonderful time researching and learning about Johnny Appleseed together and that your kids enjoy sharing what they’ve learned in a fun way using these Johnny Appleseed Lapbook Elements!

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