Johnny Appleseed Lapbook

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This Johnny Appleseed Lapbook is a fun activity for your kids to create when wrapping up a study on Johnny Appleseed. 

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The best way to teach history, in my opinion, is to bring it to life for your kids through the study of historical people. Studying facts, figures and dates is not a very fun way to learn.  

Kids need to be able to connect with what they’re learning and I’ve found no better way than through people and their stories. 

Learning about Johnny Appleseed is a lot of fun. You can incorporate fun apple-themed science activities, grow an apple tree from an apple seed, teach your kids how important it is to take care of our trees and much more!

There are two days a year that we celebrate Johnny Appleseed. We celebrate him on March 11th, during the planting season, but September 26th is Johnny Appleseed’s acknowledged birthday.

This gives you two opportunities to complete a study on Johnny Appleseed. If you study him in September, then in March, your kids can complete their studies by planting their own apple trees. 

If you complete a study on Johnny Appleseed in March, you can add a fun quiz about him to your September studies. 

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