Learning the Days of the Week in Spanish

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In the U.S., Spanish is the second most-spoken language, right after English. We live in Georgia, and I’ve seen entire neighborhoods slowly change from majority English-speaking to entirely Spanish-speaking.

Naturally, we’re teaching our kids basic Spanish. I’ve been taking it in college myself, and we’re eager to help the kids pick it up while their brains are primed to learn!

Learning the Days of the Week in Spanish - By Selena

A simple way to begin Spanish with kids is by using flashcards. There are also structured language programs for children. I’ve used some and I’ve liked several of the ones I’ve tried. But I’ve also found that simple flashcards seem to get them interested without adding much pressure.

Included in this post is a free set of flashcards for teaching los días de la semana (the days of the week)!

What’s In the Spanish Days of the Week Flashcards Pack?

In this pack, you’ll find flashcards for the days of the week in both English and Spanish, as well as a blank set for quizzes and a pronunciation key to help your kids learn how to say the words correctly. If you like, you might want to print two sets of cards so that you can have your kids match them up, play concentration, or quiz each other!

As you look through the pack, you might notice that the days of the week in Spanish are not capitalized. That is not an error. In Spanish, the days of the week and the months of the year are written in all lowercase letters!


For even more learning fun, try these other free Spanish flashcard packs from Look! We’re Learning!:

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