Make Year Round Homeschooling Fun

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Year round homeschooling can seem like a huge undertaking, but once you realize that you don’t actually do school all 365 days, it relieves a lot of pressure that often hangs over a homeschool mom’s head.

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I saved the best tip for last!

Make year round homeschooling fun! 

Don’t get caught up in just completing your homeschool curriculum, checking off your checklists and filling in your homeschool planner.

When we add fun to our kid’s homeschool days we will see them not only enjoy what they’re learning, but they’ll grasp concepts on new levels through the interaction and hands-on activities that fun brings into homeschooling!

Some of our favorite ways to make year round homeschooling fun are…

  • Covering subjects and topics your kids want to learn about
  • Throwing in fun educational games
  • Utilizing fun online learning resources
  • Watching movies
  • Taking your lessons outdoors
  • Adding in laughter as often as you can

It doesn’t matter what subject or topic you’re currently covering in your homeschool, there are ways to make it fun! Sometimes you have to think outside of the box, but you can always find something to make learning fun!

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If you’re not sure where to find fun homeschool ideas here are a few ways to get started!

  • Pinterest is one of my favorite resources for fun homeschooling ideas!
  • Another great option for adding fun to your year round homeschool is to ask your kids what they would like to add to their lessons. You’ll probably be surprised with what they can come up with that truly is educational!
  • Homeschool mom blogs are great resources for fun homeschool ideas
  • Curriculum companies often include fun homeschool resources in their teacher or student books

Year Round Homeschooling Tip #31

Homeschooling is an amazing journey that you and your children are on together! Throughout the years you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime, take special care to ensure that they are full of fun and laughter!

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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