The Red Sea

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So, here I am another month down the road and who knew how my own words from last month would come right back at me. Since last month, well, in the last 3 weeks, we have moved. To another state!

After struggling for several years without a lot of work my husband is starting a new career, well, sort of. He’s getting into a new field using his background and education in a different way.

I’ve been so overwhelmed it is not even funny. Fear has crept in every crack in my crazy brain.

“How am I going to keep schooling them without a support system?”

“What about a church?”

“We are moving to a whole new place with people who will never understand us.”

“No one will be friends with us after they meet our children!”

“We will be completely alone!”…etc. etc.

Then there are the thoughts about how much I do not like this new state.

“I love my Rockies and little cabin in them. I don’t want to even have to think about having to live in the city or suburbs again! UGH!”

“Really? I have to move? Away from friends, give up our cabin, livestock. Our lives? Start over?”

I have been so overwhelmed with the process of getting here that I have lost sight of my Father Who hasn’t been surprised by this move at all.

Facing Your Red Sea - By TrishHave you ever felt like the Israelites standing at the Red Sea and turning around at a thunderous roar behind you only to realize that the Egyptians are barreling down on you? Facing the sea is daunting enough, but to have the enemy coming after you is really scary.

Life often can put us in situations where we feel just like this.

We face special needs challenges, homeschool challenges and then the enemy comes at us with questions of fear and failure threatening to knock us down and drag us out. He’s good at that and knows our weak points and will even stoop to use close friends and relatives to try to weaken our defenses.


He knows we are up against the Red Sea.


Last week, our first week actually in the new state, I found a homeschool co-op that might work for us and the director suggested I go pick up a book called The Red Sea Rules.

Being desperate for some encouragement I ran right out to the nearest Christian bookstore and bought it. I highly recommend it.

It’s perfect for all homeschooling mamas, but especially those of us with special needs children. We need to remember that our loving heavenly Father has led us to right where we are and learn to rest in that fact.

He leads us into things and leads us out of things. He led the Israelites to the Red Sea, the enemy is closing in…and the Israelites were RIGHT WHERE GOD PUT THEM (Exodus 14:1-2)!

I am not in a new place without God’s knowledge and neither are you. With the enemy of fear and failure closing in on me and my children we are not without a rescuer…the one Who created us and sustains us.

He is still on the throne in the good times and the bad. He leads us and desires for us to lean on Him in the trials we face. And yes, that can and does include a 20 minute math lesson that has dragged on for 4 hours!

He is teach us and leading us. He hasn’t forgotten us in our struggles and He sees the enemy tearing down the hillside and He knows we are trapped by a sea.

As we pour our hearts out to Him (vs. 10), calling on Him, seeking Him for answers, waiting for His timing…

He WILL deliver us in His own unique way.

But we also have to keep moving forward, taking each step that we can see. Leaning on His Light to direct our paths, watching and waiting for Him to show us what is next while calling on Him to open the way.

Be it a new curriculum for a child whose really struggling, a new medical procedure to bring relief, or a fresh perspective on our daily challenges, He will lead and deliver. Every step of the way.

Keep leaning on Him! He chose you as your children’s mother.

He chose you and He will give you the strength to face your Red Sea and will provide a way for you to go through it.

So, what is your Red Sea?

I’d love to hear from you and pray with you.

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