100+ Science Experiments for Your Homeschool Science Class

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Science is a subject that children need to experience, not just read about in a textbook. Science experiments are a great way to make science class fun because of the hands-on opportunities! I don’t necessarily love teaching science, but I have enjoyed doing science experiments with my kids throughout your homeschool journey.

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The beauty of science experiments is that you can do them anytime. You do not have to coordinate them with a lesson or unit study. My kids love doing science experiments simply for fun! I love watching them experience science hands-on and seeing it click as they’re completing the processes.

If you’re looking for a way to change up your homeschool science class, get your kids more engaged and interested in the subject, I encourage you to check out these science experiments and add a few to your homeschool plans!

100+ Science Experiments for Your Homeschool Science Class

How to Grow a Germ Farm

Popcorn and Salt Experience

Bottle Tornado

Tie Dye Milk

Egg in a Bottle

Homemade Watercolor Paint and Ink

Water Cycle Bag Experiment

Fizzy Rainbow Science

Glitter Germ Experiment

Paper Bag Lungs

Volume Experiment

Why a Star Twinkles

Dirty Pennies Experiment

Stove Top Water Cycle

Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

How to Make Plastic

Lemon Volcano

Lemon Battery Experiment

Magic Color Changing Oobleck

Water Rising Experiment

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Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

Acids and Bases – Exploring pH Levels

Water Movement – Capillary Action

Dissolving, Expanding, Bouncing Eggsperiment

Measuring Water Beads

Exposing the Insides of a Penny

Clean Coins

Can Coins Hold Water?

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

What Makes Night?

Blowing Bubbles

A Study of Germination

Bubbly Fires

Egg Inquiry

Heat Transfer Ice Cream

Angular Momentum Experiment

Layers of the Ocean – Density Activity

“The Tiny Seed” Experiment

Monsters and Mold

Grow Your Own Ice Spikes

Insect Investigation

Milk Taste Test

Mirror and Light Exploration

Pulleys, Weights and Simple Machines

Color Mixing

Sound Science Experiments

Pill Bug Adventures

Water Desalination

Sink or Float

Smell Experiment

Cookie Science Experiment

Hands-On Color

Walking Water

Rain Cloud in a Jar

Oil and Water

Glow Stick Science

Self-Inflating Balloon

Exploring a Pumpkin

M&M Rainbow Science

Balloon Experiment

Water Color Transfer Magic

Pirate Eye Patch Experiment

Skittles Experiment

Make a Penny Turn Green

Chromatography Butterfly

Egg Drop

Water Travel Through Leaves

Fizzing Sensory Bin

Pencils Through Water Bag

Rainbow in a Jar

Human Sundial Shadow

Magnetic Cereal

Balloon Inflation

Build a Solar Still

Elephant Toothpaste

Frozen Valentine’s Day Science

Mentos and Soda Pop Geyser

Rising Water Experiment

Rubber Egg

Fizzing Snow

Make Your Own Wind Anemometer

Jelly Bean Taste Test

Fingerprint Forensics

Rainbow Walking Water

Geometric Snowflakes

Oobleck Sensory Science

Circuit Bugs

Candy Science

Milk Plastic

Heart Model

Hatch Dinosaur Eggs

Snowflake Crystal Solutions

Frozen Bubbles Ice Crystal Science

Spider Web Vibrations

Magnetic Slime

Edible Glow Water

Popcorn Cob

Candy Corn Experiment

Need more science experiment ideas? You can find 100+ more here!

What are your favorite science experiments to use in your homeschool science class?

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