Solar System Unit Study

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Learning about the solar system is a fun way to study science. While not every child has an interest in learning how the human body works, understanding Chemistry or delving into Physics. A Solar System unit study can be enjoyed by the entire family. 

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Gazing up into the night sky is a lovely way to spend an evening. I’ve spent many a night laying out underneath the stars and they never cease to amaze me. 

If you live in the city, it might be more challenging to see the beauty of the night sky. That doesn’t mean that you can’t teach your kids about the solar system, planets, stars and more though. You could head out into the country for a few nights to experience the night sky untainted or utilize books and the internet to give your children a complete solar system education.

To truly enjoy studying the night sky, a telescope might be a great addition to your homeschool supplies. They allow you to see so much more of the universe than you can with the human eye.

Solar System Unit Study

One of my favorite memories from my homeschool years and my children’s homeschooling journey was completing a solar system study.

Whether you spend a month learning about one planet at a time or complete an entire study of the solar system in a month; children of all ages are filled with wonder when discovering the majesty of the galaxy!

Spend time together learning about each of the planets, the Sun and the Moon using the lessons linked below. 












Solar System Facts

The Planets for Kids

Solar System Exploration

The Solar System

How to Compare Planet Sizes




Solar System Bookmarks

Outer Space Flashcards

Planet Riddles

Planets Cypherwheel

Moon Journal

Solar System Coloring Pages

Constellation Cards

Constellations Pack & Game Idea

Sun Notebooking Pages

Moon Notebooking Pages

Earth Notebooking Pages

Mercury Notebooking Pages

Venus Notebooking Pages

Mars Notebooking Pages

Jupiter Notebooking Pages

Saturn Notebooking Pages


Recycled Lid Planets

Solar System Button Craft

Constellation Craft

Solar System Snowglobe

DIY Constellation Jar

Constellation Sewing Cards

Planet Sun Catchers

Constellation Geoboards

Solar System Mobile

Constellation Crafts

Solar System Model


Fruity Solar System

Constellation Fruit Gummies

Solar System Fruit Snack

Galaxy Bark

Constellation Cheesecake Tarts

Peanut Butter Planet Pops

Games & Activities

Solar System Scavenger Hunt

Galaxy Game

Phases of the Moon Game

Solar System Sensory Bin

Galaxy Slime

Solar System Challenge

Moon Dough

Solar System Quiz

Learning about the planets, stars, sun and moon is a subject that everyone in the family can enjoy. The best way to end a solar system unit, in my opinion, is to complete a mobile. 

Being able to look at a small version of the planets that are held in space is a constant reminder of the amazing work of God. 

What was your kids’ favorite part of your Solar System Unit Study?

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