Spanish Christmas Words

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This year my son decided that he wanted to learn Spanish and I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I spent a summer in San Luis Potosi as a teenager and my father was born in Mexico, so speaking Spanish is part of my blood, but I haven’t spoken the Spanish language in a long time. Thankfully I had already enrolled in the Schoolhouse Teachers online school program, so I was thrilled to discover that they had a Spanish  class for my son to use this year!

Spanish Christmas Words - By Misty Leask

If you and your kids are studying Spanish this year, you can make Spanish class fun through the holidays when you incorporate Christmas into your homeschooling! I wanted to make my son’s Spanish class more fun during our Christmas homeschooling season, so I made some fun Spanish Christmas words learning pack!

Spanish Christmas Words Pronunciation Helps

Below you’ll find links to audio translations that will help your children learn to pronounce Spanish Christmas words correctly.

Jesus – Jesus

Christ – Cristo

God – Dios

Emmanuel – Emmanuel

Savior – Salvador

Mary – María 

Joseph – José

Shepherd – Pastor

Wise Men – Los Magos

Governor – Gobernador

Angel – Ángel

Babe – Bebé

Child – Niño

Son – Hijo

Virgin – Virgen

King – Rey

Star – Estrella

Worship – Adorar

Joy – Alegría

Rejoice – Alegrarse

Gold – Oro

Frankincense – Incienso

Myrrh – Mirra

Clothes – Ropa

Manger – Pesebre

Inn – Posada

Tidings – Noticias

Glory – Gloria

Peace – Paz

Goodwill – Buena Voluntad

Heaven – Cielo

Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad 

Spanish Christmas Words Learning Pack

christmas spanish words, spanish christmas words

Inside this pack you’ll find a Spanish-English Christmas word list, flashcards, copywork and a Spanish-English Christmas words match up game in this 30 page learning pack!

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