Summer Journal

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Kids will have fun documenting their summer fun using this summer journal. In addition, it is a great resource to keep them writing and creating all summer long. 

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The days of summer are long. Kids think that they will enjoy having every single moment of the day to decide what to do for themselves. However, typically within a couple of weeks, they require direction and entertainment of some sort. 

We began homeschooling year round after a couple of years of following a “normal” school schedule. I couldn’t take hearing “I’m bored” anymore all summer long. 

I found that I was less stressed about completing everything I wanted to in a school year and we had more free time throughout the year. 

Summertime homeschooling is typically less structured than the rest of the homeschool year. 

No matter what schedule or method you follow, I believe that reading, writing and arithmetic are subjects that children need to continue all year long. 

In my experience, all too often children who don’t continue working on their mathematical, reading and writing skills struggle to get back into the swing of things and lose progress during long breaks in their education. 

Children would often rather clean their rooms or eat their vegetables than work on one or all of these three subjects.

My son would have done either to keep from having to work on his writing skills. 

So, I had to be creative and find ways to help him learn to write well without realizing that’s what he was doing. 

As with any subject, anytime that you can make learning fun, children are more apt to be interested in it.

Journaling provides children the opportunity to work on their writing skills in fun ways. 

This summer journal includes pages for your children to work on their writing skills, track the weather, create summer-themed art and much more. 

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