Teaching Science Using Media

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When it comes to science, my knowledge of it is quite limited. That, however, does not mean I cannot teach it effectively because of all the amount of material and resources available all over the place.

One of my favorite resource in teaching science is videos and media. My boys are very visual and auditory in their style of learning. That is why when they see and hear science concepts explained and demonstrated to them it seems to stick better. Videos and the media are really good tools to cater to that and the kids love it.

Teaching Science Using Media - By Joelle

In this post I thought I would share some of the many available media resources available for you to make science a bit less daunting and enjoyable for your kids:


Though of course I am not a proponent of too much TV watching, I have to admit that my boys have learned quite a bit of science through watching some pretty cool TV shows. I believe that the problem with media is not so much the medium, as much as the abuse of it and the non-engaging aspect that it often carries. This does not have to be the case. Some TV shows do have good content and teach things and a lot of these are especially science focused. I like that a lot of them do not water down the vocabulary and that they try to explain the concepts as precisely and detailed as possible.

Some of our favorite science themed TV shows are:

Sid the Science Kids

Dinosaur Train

Magic School Bus (also on Netflix)

The Way Things Work (available on Videos at the library)

Planet Earth

Naked Science

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Wild Kratts



If you do not have a TV, a lot of the shows I just listed are often available at the library, especially shows that are no longer showing (which are the better ones usually). This medium is therefore a great alternative to TV. There are also a lot of curriculum companies who sell science videos.

Here are some that I have come across with:

Dive into Your Imagination  You can read a review of it I wrote last year.

Go Science DVDs

Brainfood LearningDVDs  Review on my blog as well

Amazing Science  Review available on my blog.

Science Screen Report for Kids

Schlessinger Science Library

Inquiring Minds (found at the library)

Squibs (these are only available at the library)



You Tube is a great resource for any school topic and science is no exception. You can find science courses and science experiments. You can find these in every way and form imaginable, cartoons, lectures, documentaries etc…

Here are a few popular ones:


PBS Nova

Steve Sprangler

TED Education

Make sure to check out the You Tube teachers’ channel where you can search by grade and topics. You can even set up your own channel.


For those who do not have TV, Netflix is a great option to watch some of those TV series I was talking about earlier. You can also find a lot of science documentaries there. A lot of kids have no problem, and actually enjoy, watching adult science documentaries.

These are some popular ones:

Beakman’s World

How it’s Made

BBC Earth

Walk With series

Nova series by PBS


In the technological age in which we live, there are a lot of educational apps available for those who own mobile devices. The nice thing is that they can learn anywhere and at any time with those. We do not use these as much so I do not have any to share with you, but if you just do a search for science apps you’ll find many that you can pick and choose from. To help you along with this process you can check out Marcy’s post 115 Free Ipad apps to Kickstart Your School Year, where she shares 20 free Science App for Ipad (scroll though to get to the science ones).

Do you use media in your homeschool when teaching Science? What are your favorites?

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