Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

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The more it’s practiced, the more painless writing becomes. Short and simple writing lessons that don’t leave kids at the table for more than 15 minutes can help reluctant writers become more comfortable with the art. These Thanksgiving Writing Prompts are a great resource for you to use with them this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts - By Jennifer H .

Having short writing assignments will also help relieve the fear and pressure that comes from not knowing what is expected. They are a good addition to teaching reluctant writers to write naturally.

Sometimes it is just getting started that is difficult for them. That’s why writing prompts are such a great activity for students that struggle to write. 

20+ Thanksgiving Writing Prompts 

  • I am thankful for…
  • My favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner is…
  • My family’s Thanksgiving traditions include…
  • If I lived in a teepee…
  • I love the smell of…
  • If I was a turkey…
  • I love the sound of…
  • If I was a pilgrim…
  • I love the taste of…
  • This is how you make a pie:
  • Thanksgiving is (or isn’t) my favorite holiday because…
  • Brown gravy or white gravy?

Thankfulness could honestly be your theme for the entire month. It is as easy as starting with, “Today, I am thankful for…”

You can provide prompts for specific ideas if they get stuck. However, ensure that your students don’t offer one-word answers. A simple prompt you could use would be to describe the object of their gratitude and their feelings.

If they are having a hard time thinking of things that they are thankful for, the simple ideas below might jog their memories a bit. 

  • A family member
  • A talent
  • A gift I received
  • A food
  • A book
  • A movie
  • A game
  • Something indoors
  • Something outdoors
  • A memory
  • A friend

Remember that writing and copywork have different goals. If you have a reluctant writer, handing them a paper full of corrections in grammar and spelling will only discourage them further.

You certainly do need to address the writing challenges. Instead, try saving it for a copywork lesson, which you can enjoy together.

While all students may not enjoy writing or dream of becoming a published author. Writing is a skill that they will need and that they even can enjoy. You just have to show them how they can and writing prompts are a great place to start! 

What Thanksgiving writing prompts do you use in your homeschool?

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