U.S. Navy Elementary Unit Study

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When I was almost 5 years old my dad joined the U.S. Navy. For the next 23 years, I was blessed to learn the importance of our country’s military by being a Navy Brat. Though my dad has been a retired U.S. Navy Chief since 2013, the U.S. Navy will always be in my blood. That’s why I created this U.S. Navy Elementary Unit Study for you to use with your children!

united states navy unit study, u.s. navy unit study, u.s. navy unit study elementary, united states navy unit study, united states navy studyThe colors, Red, White and Blue, will always speak of one thing to me. The United States of America. When our National Anthem begins to play, tears come to my eyes. I know exactly what the words mean because we lived them. My dad protected the freedoms that so many Americans take for granted for most of my childhood.

I wasn’t ever angry. I was proud. My daddy ensured that America would continue to be the land of the free, because of the brave. He is my hero. Not everyone knows or understands the U.S. Navy. Honestly, it is hard to explain how you bleed red, white and blue. I believe it comes through experience. You have to have lived it. 

While you and your children may not know exactly what I’m talking about, you can ensure that your elementary students know the importance of the United States Navy by using this U.S. Navy Elementary Unit Study in your homeschool! Who knows? This may inspire your child(ren) to join the military and protect the people and land that we call our home. Such a noble calling answered by few.

Your students will enjoy learning about the music of the U.S. Navy, history of the vessels, uniforms, bases and more! There are also copywork, vocabulary and writing prompt pages and learning activities as well.

Coming soon! U.S.  Navy Unit Study (Middle and High School Version)!

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