Using Pinterest to Teach Math

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So, school is now in session and I am assuming that you have been good students and completed your orientation homework. If for some reason you happened to miss orientation, let me give you the quick recap of what you need to do before you can start My Pinterest Preschool.

1) Sign up for Pinterest (if you haven’t already)
2) Create a board for your pins.
3) Follow Year  Round Homeschooling: My Pinterest Preschool
4) Pin, pin, pin!!

Using Pinterest to Teach Math - By Alecia


Using Pinterest to Teach Math

Today, we will enter the wonderful and numerical world of Math. Counting, one to one correspondence, shapes and measuring. It’s all so…MATHEMATICAL. Of all the many things a preschooler needs to know, today we will focus on counting activities as well as shape activities.


This is one of the simplest and hardest things to teach a preschooler. Simplest because it requires no curriculum and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. However, it can be extremely hard if counting is not presented in a fun and concrete way. Think of the history teacher in Ferris Buller’s Day Off. BORING!! What happens when you get bored? You ignore what is being taught.

The solution: Be silly and do things in context. Count the number of steps it takes to get to the bathroom (or any room for that matter). Sing silly counting songs with crazy accents. My daughter J calls me silly constantly. You can also try counting things in context.

“How many plates do we have on the table?”
“How many fingers do I have up?”


We will ignore the urge to get flash cards and drill our preschooler with the different shapes that exist, so throw away those flash cards if you purchased them. Once again, we will be teaching in context. So, if you see a clock that is the shape of a circle, simply ask your child questions like…

“Can you show me the clock?”
“Did you know that the clock is in the shape of a circle?”
“This is what a circle looks like” (Use your hand to outline the shape of the circle)

There is even a shape song by Leapfrog: Adventures in Shapeville Park  that you can listen to. If you have a Netflix subscription, then check out Leapfrog’s Shapeville Park where you preschooler will learn more about shapes! If you do not have Netflix, you can always order Leapfrog: Adventures in Shapeville Park from Amazon.

You can also make up your own songs about shapes or search You Tube!

Now that I have given you some ideas on these two topics, head to Year Round Homeschooling: My Pinterest Preschool and re-pin any content that you find helpful for your preschool needs!

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