A Homeschool’s Fresh Start is a New Year

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The holidays give homeschool moms a break from preparing and teaching their kids and the kids get a break from their lessons. After the holidays are over it can be difficult to begin homeschooling again, especially if there were struggles during the first quarter of homeschooling that we were unable to fix before the holidays began.

A Homeschool's Fresh Start is a New Year - By Misty Leask

Every homeschool needs a fresh start now and again. The beauty of beginning to homeschool after the holidays is that a new year is a homeschool’s fresh start! Following the Christmas holiday and before the 1st of January is a great time to look back over the first quarter of your homeschool year and determine what was and what wasn’t working for your homeschool. By taking the time to discover what changes need to be made you’ll be able to kick off the new year with a fresh start for your homeschool!

Stop by My Joy-Filled Life to find out what steps I take throughout the Christmas break to determine what changes I need to make in my homeschool to give us the fresh start we need!

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