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Art Notebooking Pages

Over the years I’ve tried many different methods for tracking what my children are learning throughout their studies. I do not like completing tasks that

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Homeschool Encouragement

Homeschool Faith

Foreign Languages



Language Arts

spelling challenge, spelling calendar, spelling challenge calendar

Spelling Challenge

This Spelling Challenge is full of ideas and activities to make practicing spelling words more fun for everyone — both you and your kids! I’ve

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winter journal, winter journal for kids, journal winter, kids winter journal

Winter Journal

A winter journal is a fun way to encourage your kids to write. You can incorporate art, nature, science and much more through journaling.  Ironically,

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hibernation lapbook, lapbook hibernation

Hibernation Lapbook

Hibernation is a fascinating study for your homeschool science class. When you’ve completed your study on hibernation, try creating a hibernation lapbook for more fun. 

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artist lapbook, art lapbook, lapbook for art

Artist Lapbook

Your homeschool art class doesn’t always have to be about creating a masterpiece. Sometimes it is more interesting learning about those that have created masterpieces

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music challenge, music challenge calendar, music calendar, music calender challenge

Music Challenge

This Music Challenge is a fun resource for everyone in the family, whether you have a budding musician, a child that enjoys music but doesn’t

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Homeschool Planning


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Summer Reading Lists

Summer reading is a wonderful pastime, for both young and old alike. Finding quality literature that will teach, challenge and entertain children can be difficult.

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Camping Journal

A Camping Journal can be a fun and therapeutic activity for everyone in the family! Something about getting outside in the woods surrounded by nature

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Special Needs

Homeschooling Methods

Unit Studies

apple unit, apple study, unit apple, study apple, apple unit study, unit study apple

Apple Unit Study

Celebrate the coming of fall with your kids as you complete this apple unit study! Apple Unit Study Apples! My kids love them anyway. Freshly

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