A Summer Full of Learning

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I once again had plans for our homeschool this summer, all the while striving to convince myself that it was all child led because they had picked out the curriculum we were going to use. As the summer days went by we didn’t do much of what I had planned for our summer homeschool. Instead, my children enjoyed living a summer full of learning their way because I finally let go.

A Summer Full of Learning - By Misty Leask

Our summer full of learning has been full of laughter, smiles, accomplishments and growth that school books couldn’t have given my children. Looking back I’m amazed to recall all of the things that they’ve learned without cracking a textbook or following our summer homeschool plans.

Fear of water has been replaced with a love for diving, discoveries of crayfish and baitfish provided countless hours of delight, responsibility has been welcomed where drudgery reigned before, nature gave days of fairy kingdom magic and team work and perseverance grew in each of us as we tackled many new things together this summer.

his summer has been different than any before. Moving to a child led homeschooling method has relieved most of my stress surrounding our school days, so instead of spending my summer teaching and preparing for this homeschool year I was able to truly slow down, enjoy summer and cherish my family.

There were many days when I thought about picking up a school book to teach, but then I’d happen upon a child in a blanket fort reading a book or listening to an audio book telling stories of women from the past. At those moments I smiled and realized that this…child led homeschooling may be one of the greatest blessing for my children and I.

I’m amazed at how much they’ve learned on their own this summer and the new interests they’ve acquired! Drawing comics, learning French, painting, fishing and swimming have all become part of our lives this summer and I’m excited to see how they become part of our homeschool this year.

A summer full of learning doesn’t have to be full of school books, schedules and plans. Learning doesn’t have to be teacher led or even supervised, I watched it happen without my help before my eyes all summer long.

For me, the greatest part of my children’s summer learning has been watching and heart about all of their discoveries! They are loving learning again. That truth brings a smile to my face and reconfirms what I already had come to believe… Child led homeschooling is the homeschool method that we need!

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