Animal Homes Unit Study

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This is a fun animal homes unit study featuring videos, books, and activities for studying animal habitats!

Animal Homes Unit Study - By Selena

As the temperatures cool off, lots of animals start getting ready for the cold by burrowing into dens, migrating to warmer climates, and storing food for the winter.

Animal Habitats Video

Watch the video below and then answer the following questions with your kids.

  1. Where does the Arctic Fox live? (Answer: In the Arctic near the North Pole)
  2. Where does the Desert Bobcat live? (Answer: In the desert)
  3. Why do both the Arctic Fox and the Desert Bobcat have thick layers of fur? (Answer: To keep them warm during extremely cold temperatures.)
  4. What does biome mean? (Answer: The type of habitat in which an animal lives. It is determined by the climate.)
  5. How does the taiga differ from the tundra and the desert? (Answer: The taiga has trees.)
  6. Where does the Coral Snake live? (Answer: In underground cracks and crevices)
  7. What challenges are faced by animals who live in hot or cold biomes? (Answer: Animals that live in hot biomes work harder to find water, while animals that live in cold biomes have to work harder to find food.)

Animal Homes Crafts and Activities

  1. Searching for Animal Homes – Inspiration Laboratories: A really fun and simple way to learn about where animals live in your neighborhood!
  2. Forest Playdough Alphabet Mats – Look! We’re Learning!: Lots of animals live in the forest. Help preschoolers learn their ABCs with these fun forest-themed alphabet mats!
  3. Beaver Lodge Craft – Things to Share and Remember: Learn how to make a beaver lodge craft with craft sticks!

Kids’ Books about Animal Homes

  1. Animals at Home – DK Readers
  2. My Very First Book of Animal Homes – Eric Carle
  3. Welcome Home, Bear: A Book of Animal Habitats – Il Sung Na

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