Art Tutorial: How to Draw a Realistic Human Eye

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They say that a person’s eyes are the windows to the soul. Have you ever wondered why? Well, for one, eyes are a crucial part of the facial structure and they play a big part in conveying one’s emotions as well. When you first look at a person’s face, you immediately look at their eyes, without consciously trying to. This happens very quickly and no one ever really notices it when they do it. We are drawn to eyes and it is instinctual to look at eyes on a face before looking anywhere else.

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Humans and animals alike use eye contact to show emotion or trust and many do not realize the huge part eyes play in conducting yourself socially. You can tell if someone is disinterested if their gaze drifts when you are speaking to them, you can tell how confident someone is by how long they will look you in the eye and you can discern fear, joy, anger, as well as a multitude of other emotions. This is all due to the fascinating and beautiful construction of the eye.

Today, I will be showing you how to draw a realistic human eye with a regular old pencil. Any pencil will do, but in the video I am using a standard 2B pencil that is used daily in most households. This will allow you to draw fantastic looking eyes any time you want. All you’ll need is a pencil, a sheet of paper and an eraser (because even the best of us make mistakes!) You can try and follow along with me as I go through, but be sure to hit pause where you need to catch up. In the video below, I will discuss how to use shading and we’ll walk through the basic six steps it takes to draw an eye. I hope that you are able to learn something new and that you enjoy this art tutorial!


HaileyHailey Woerner is a young author following her dreams. She is one of those…introverted types, if you will. She finds her passion in writing, drawing, singing, and serving on her highschool worship team. Some have called her creative, intuitive, quiet, gentle, and graceful, though sometimes hot-headed. She lives in the wonderful state of VA with her family of seven, and loves watching the seasons change over the mountains. You can often find her sitting alone, thinking up new ways to tell an old tale, or creating tunes for a new song she has written, but she always welcomes conversation to those who come up to her! Just watch yourself, or she might find some way to work you into her next novel. You can follow her on her blog, Facebook and on Deviant Art.

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