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Welcome to Calendar School!

Calendar School - December - By Jenny

Each month I will be sharing links to FREE internet resources to use to create fun, learning studies for special holiday and/or historical events.

Below you will find links to FREE resources for special holidays and/or historical events that happened in the month of December.


December 7 – Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Coloring Page (Y)(E)

Pearl Harbor Day Lesson (E)

The Attack on Pearl Harbor worksheet  (Y)(E)

Worksheets and Coloring Pages for Pearl Harbor Rememberance  (Y)(E)


December 10 – Human Rights Day

What are Human Rights? Lesson Plan (M)(H)

Human Rights – Here and Now (M)(H)

10 things to do with your kids on Human Rights Day (Y)(E)(M)

Human Rights Education (E)(M)


December 15 – Bill of Rights Day

Printable PDF of the Bill of Rights (scroll down to the bottom)

Bill of Rights Alphabetical Order Worksheet (E)

The Bill of Rights for Kids (E)(M)

A Really Exciting Bill of Rights Game (E)(M)

Interactive Activity – Creation of the Bill of Rights (M)(H)


Grade Levels Chart
(P-K) Preschool to Kindergarten
(Y) Early Elementary – Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
(E) Elementary – 3rd to 5th grade
(M) Middle – 6th to 8th grade
(H) High – 9th to 12th grade

Although I have visited each website before linking to it, things change all of the time on the wonderful world wide web…I apologize if any links do not work correctly, please leave a comment if you come across one so that I can fix it as soon as possible.


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