Dollar Tree STEM Activities for Kids

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I love the Dollar Tree® because they have such a wide variety of items for less! One of the first aisles I stop at while I’m shopping there is the school supplies aisle. I’ve found Teacher’s Planners, fun pencils/pens, colorful erasers, note cards and much more throughout our homeschooling journey at the Dollar Tree®. There are also a lot of resources for STEM activities that you can purchase at the Dollar Tree®.

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Covering STEM in your homeschool provides countless ways for you to include hands-on learning activities for your kids to enjoy! Science experiments, Technology activities, Engineering and Mechanics projects are great opportunities for kids to learn outside of textbooks! They require kids to think on their own — outside of the box!

12 Dollar Tree STEM Activities

  1. Crystal Stars – You might even have one of the items for this project in your washroom!
  2. Popsicle Stick Bombs – This is a perfect rainy day activity!
  3. Turn Pennies Green – You’ll need a few days to complete this super easy project.
  4. Sponge Towers – A quieter option for your little ones that love to build!
  5. Catapult System – 3 items – most of all might already be in your house – is all you’ll need for this one.
  6. Pinecone Science Experiment – Take a hike to grab one of your items for this experiment!
  7. Air Pressure Eggs – Only have a small window of time? This is the project for you!
  8. Build a Winch – Kids will have fun lifting items on their own with this activity.
  9. Tornado in a Jar – This is a great activity for a weather unit study!
  10. Teaching Taste – A snack and STEM activity all in one.
  11. Zipline STEM Activity – They’ll get crafty and then burn energy with this one!
  12. Turn Milk into Plastic – A great activity to create your own Christmas ornaments.

What are your favorite STEM activities for kids?

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