Free Frog Unit Study

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Get outside and explore the great outdoors with your kids this spring and look for frogs while you’re out there! If you’re not sure where to get started or if you live in the city and can’t check out frogs in their natural habitat, this frog unit study is a great place to start!

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I’ve compiled various online resources including; videos, tests, games and more. You’ll also find free printables and lapbooks. If you’re looking to add some books to your library about frogs, there are a few recommended below as well.


The Life Cycle of a Frog (You Tube Video)

Life Cycle of a Frog Wheel (Free Printable)


Where Do Frogs Live (Article)

Frog Habitat (You Tube Video)


External Body (You Tube Video)

Internal Body (You Tube Video)

Virtual Frog Dissection (Online Resource)

Photographic Guide to Frog Dissection (Online Resource)

Student Guide to Frog Dissection Worksheet (Free Printable)

External Anatomy Dissection Worksheet (Free Printable)

Brain and Bones Dissection Worksheet (Free Printable)



Frog Anatomy Labeling Worksheet (Free Printable)

Frog Anatomy Online Test 1 (Online Resource)

Frog Anatomy Online Test 2 (Online Resource)

Frog Anatomy Online Test 3 (Online Resource)

Frog Anatomy Online Test 4 (Online Resource)



Frog vs. Toad (You Tube Video)

Frog vs. Toad (Article and Video)



Printable Frog Word Search (Free Printable)

Printable Frog Anagram (Free Printable)

Online Jigsaw Puzzle (Online Resource)


Frozen Wood Frog (You Tube Video)

Glass Frog (You Tube Video)

Bullfrog (You Tube Video)

Boiling Frog Experiment (You Tube Video)

Lungless Frog Facts (Article)

Weird Frog Facts (Article)


Songs of the Frog (Online Resource)



What Do Frogs Eat  (Article)

What Do Frogs Eat and What Eats Frogs (Article)






Free Additional Frog Units and Lapbook Resources

Homeschool Share

Homeschool Helper

Notebooking Nook

I hope this frog unit study inspires you to get outside and explore in the outdoors with your kids this spring!

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