Printable Dramatic Play Library

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Encourage your kids to love and understand the library using this printable dramatic play library set and my library skills printable pack

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The library is one of my favorite places to be. It’s been a while since I have been to the library now that my children are grown. 

That might be something I need to change as it has always been a peaceful, quiet place that I greatly enjoyed. 

My children grew up visiting our local library several times a week. If the weather was nice, we often walked there together. 

On the way to the library, we often stopped at the playground because the kids were in a hurry to get home with their new books on the way back. 

One summer, my daughter ended up being on the front page of our local newspaper because she had the longest check-out slip our children’s library had ever seen!

While not all children will love reading as much as we do, it is important to encourage our kids to read books that teach as well as entertain. 

By taking children to the library and allowing them to explore all of the different genres, I truly believe all children can enjoy reading. 

This printable library dramatic play set will allow your kids the opportunity to set up their own library at home. 

They’ll be able to practice checking books in and out, keeping track of due dates for library books and much more! 

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