Year Round Homeschooling Student Planner

A couple of years ago I released The Essential Year Round Homeschooling Planner. It was the first resource I created for homeschooling moms featuring all of the resources that I needed when I first began homeschooling year round but was unable to find elsewhere.

I’m excited to release the updated version of the second resource I ever created. I designed this one to encourage students to become independent by giving homeschool moms the tools and opportunity to teach them how to be organized and responsible. 

The Year Round Homeschooling Student Planner

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The Year Round Homeschooling Student Planner features:

  • Undated 12-Month Calendar
  • Vertical and Horizontal Weekly Planning Pages
  • Weekly Grade Log
  • Weekly Subject Checklists
  • Monthly Reading Lists
  • Field Trip Log

To see sample pages of the planner please, click here.

The Year Round Homeschooling Student Planner benefits:

  • One time purchase 
  • Use for multiple students 
  • Simple planning pages for kids
  • Grading charts make reporting/tracking easy
  • Checklists for independent learning/responsibility
  • Increase literature usage by using monthly book lists
  • Print only what you want when you need it

The Year Round Homeschooling Student Planner has everything your kids need to stay organized and track their homeschool journey all year long!

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