5 Ways to Find Peace in Your Homeschool

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Peace and homeschool don’t always go together, but every homeschool mom wishes they always would. Yet, there are days when neither joy nor peace can be found in your homeschool. Whether it is the day’s events, the attitudes in the home or a sleepless night, sometimes peace is just not part of your homeschool day.

How can you turn around a homeschool day that is full of stress and chaos? How can you find peace in your homeschool?

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Peace doesn’t have to be lost for an entire homeschool day (or even longer!) you can bring order and peace back into your homeschool day after chaos has stepped in. It is easy to give into the feelings of failure and accept that the homeschool day is lost, but that simply is not true, there are ways that you can find peace in your homeschool once again.

In order to find peace in your homeschool you must remember that you are the greatest influence to your homeschool day. As the mother, your children will look to you and follow your lead. If you give into the stress of the day and get lost in the mess it’s created, so will your children. At any moment you must be ready and willing to take charge and redirect the days emotions and activities.

5 Ways to Find Peace in Your Homeschool

  • Follow a loose homeschooling schedule

It is easy to just take each day as it comes as homeschoolers, but children need (and thrive!) on order and schedules, so try to stick with a start and end time and ensure there are breaks in between as needed. With a schedule you’ll find that your homeschool days will be more peaceful.

  • Take a homeschool “time out”

Whether reading time or rest time is in order, when peace is lost in your homeschool create a calm atmosphere by requiring your children (and you!) to take a “time out” and relax for 30 minutes.

  • Keep calm and don’t lose your cool

Just because there is chaos and attitude surrounding you doesn’t mean you give in and do the same. Remember that your children will follow your lead, so if you keep calm and don’t lose your cool peace will find it’s way back into your homeschool.

  • Reevaluate your homeschool day

Sometimes we expect our children to do too much in one day. If we’ve over-planned or have expectations that are too high, peace will not reign in our homeschool. Look at what you’ve completed and what remains on your list, can you move the part or all of the remaining schoolwork to another day? Knowing when you and your children need a break is an important key to find peace in your homeschool.

  • Remember life is part of homeschooling

Use the chaos, attitudes and disorder to teach your children some important life lessons. Incorporate copywork/penmanship, reading and writing that will encourage your children to complete tasks peacefully and in order.

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Peace is something that every homeschool mom needs and it can be ours. As homeschool moms, we must ensure that we are in control of our day’s activities and that we have balanced our days properly in order to have peace reign in our homeschool.

How do you find peace in your homeschool on chaotic days?

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling


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