50+ Fall Books for Your Homeschool

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Every year it seems like time passes by more quickly and this year is no different, somehow the fall season is just around the corner. While my favorite season is coming to an end sooner than I would like, fall is my second favorite season, so I am not entirely sad to say goodbye to summer. Although, I will miss the heat of the sunshine and the long summer days, the fall season does make bedtime a bit easier. As a homeschool mom that is important as I tend to use my evenings to grade and/or plan our future homeschool studies.

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What I love most about fall is the crispness in the air. It is also a great time to head outdoors as a family for hiking adventures. This fall we’re going to be tackling as many of the hiking trails in our local activities guide as possible. I’ve spent lot of time inside this year and am looking forward to the time in the fresh air and woods with my children this fall.

There are so many wonderful things about fall! From the changing of the leaves to pumpkins, from apple picking to Thanksgiving, the fall season is bursting with amazing educational opportunities!

Fall field trips to the local apple orchard, pumpkin field and corn mazes are our favorite fall activities as a family. We look forward to getting outside and experiencing all that fall has to offer each year.

The best way to prepare for the new upcoming fall season, is to read all about it! I’ve put together a list of fall books for your homeschool divided into a few categories. So, whether you want to pick a few books to read from each category or if you have a apple or pumpkin unit study coming up, I hope that you’re able to find books to celebrate the fall season with your family!

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What are your favorite fall books for your homeschool?

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