7 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Homeschool Area

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It isn’t quite time for us to spring clean our home or our cottages, but after the long winter months our homeschool area was in desperate need of a spring cleaning! As year round homeschoolers I find that we have to clean, purge and reorganize our homeschool area quite a few times throughout the year, but in the spring I find that we have a lot more clutter than any other time of the year. It seems that winter even takes it toll on our homeschool area!

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We do not have a homeschool room, we simply use the kitchen table, after all homeschooling is just an extension of our family life, so why would we need a separate room? If we had an extra room to spare, I can think of quite a few ways I would use it before even considering using it as a homeschool room. So, our homeschool area truly does need to stay more organized than it does because it is in the kids’ bedroom and when it becomes cluttered my kids have a harder time keeping the rest of their room clean.

This year I had my children help me with this project, something I’ve never done before, but I believe it is important for them to learn how to spring clean all areas of a home. They are old enough to take care of their daily homeschool materials and since they were responsible for some of the clutter in our homeschool area, I wanted them to see just how much work it is to clean up even a small area months after the clutter had begun accumulating.

1.  Gather file folders, trash bags, rubbermaid totes or boxes before you begin. 

You’re spring cleaning remember? That means you’ll need to be prepared to get rid of things, so you’ll need the right tools and a level head to toss things that you truly don’t need. Make sure you are ready to let go of papers and resources during this process, after all letting go is hard for a homeschool mom sometimes.

2.  Clean one part of your homeschool area at a time. 

Most homeschool areas have at least one bookshelf, a drawer organizer and maybe a desk or two. Don’t try to tackle them all at once, pick one and completely clean that part of your homeschool area before moving onto the next.

3. Purge unneeded papers and resources. 

As homeschool moms we tend to hang onto resources for years. If you haven’t used it in the past 2 years and you don’t have any littles that will use it in the future, it is time to let it go.Whether you choose to create a box for your homeschool group, box it up to save for your kids to use as homeschool parents or toss it, the choice if yours. You’re likely to come across scratch papers from math class and coloring pages from your kids, these are unneeded papers, you’ll probably need a big trash bag for this step.

For homeschool moms with younger kids, I suggest putting curriculum/resources that you are not currently using into rubbermaid totes until the next homeschool year. Make sure you label the tote so you can find it easily when you need/want it.

4. Sort and store this year’s homeschooling papers for each child. 

Using file folders sort each child’s homeschooling papers by subject, then place the file folders into a rubbermaid tote. This is a time consuming process, but it will make your life easier when the end of the school year comes and you simply add the rest of the year’s homeschool papers to each file folder. This is also beneficial should you ever need to pull out your homeschool papers for legal purposes.

5. Throw away unusable school supplies. 

This is one of our biggest clutter problems and I should do it more often, but it typically happens while we’re spring cleaning our homeschool area. Throw away pencils that are simply too short to use, broken crayons, crumpled notebook paper, dry markers, damaged dry erase boards, etc.

6. Organize your homeschool curriculum and resources.

Once you’ve purged your unneeded papers and resources, thrown away unusable school supplies, sorted and stored this year’s homeschooling papers, it is time to organize the remaining homeschool curriculum and resources for this year! You’re almost done! After you’ve organized everything, put all of your homeschool curriculum and resources back on your bookshelves, in desks and drawer towers.

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7. Step back and smile. 

Take time to remember why you homeschool. Recall all of the adventures your family have experiences on your homeschool journey. Be thankful for the opportunity to homeschool your children and give them the education that you know they need!

How do you spring clean your homeschool area?

Spring Clean Your Life

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