Calendar School – August

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Welcome to the August edition of Calendar School!

Calendar School - August - By Jenny

Each month I will be sharing links to FREE internet resources to use to create fun, learning studies for special holiday and/or historical events.

Below you will find links to FREE resources for special holidays and/or historical events that happened in the month of  August.


August 3 – National Watermelon Day

One of summer’s favorite snack foods, this big fruit deserves it’s own big day!

For older students, try different methods of cutting watermelon to find the easiest, most efficient way:


August 7 – National Lighthouse Day

National Lighthouse Day honors and commemorates a beacon of light that symbolizes safety and security for boats at sea.


August 19 – National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is in honor of the birthday of aviator Orville Wright.


Although I have visited each website before linking to it, things change all of the time on the wonderful world wide web…I apologize if any links do not work correctly, please leave a comment if you come across one so that I can fix it as soon as possible.

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