My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to College

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Your child doesn’t want to go to college? What do you mean? How will they live? Why wouldn’t they want to go to college? These are all questions that you’ve either thought about since your child informed you that they don’t want to go to college or someone has asked you these questions when you’ve told them your child’s decision regarding college. 

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As homeschool parents, it is not uncommon to plan for children to follow the traditional path of attending college immediately after they graduate from our homeschool. This plan works well for many families and it is not wrong for those whose children desire to follow that trajectory in their lives. However, not all children want to go to college.

Many young people have no interest in gaining a college education because what they want to do with their lives does not require a degree. Sometimes our children simply want to dive right into their lives as adults, pursuing their interests and earning an income however they chose. Admittedly, this choice often strikes fear into the hearts of many homeschool parents around the world.

So, if you’re thinking ” My kid doesn’t want to go to college – what now?” don’t be fearful. We’ve got some encouragement here for you.

My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to College – What Now?

Try to keep an open mind and realize that your child is moving into life on his own and, while you will still be important to him, this is all a natural part of the maturing process for all of us. Our points below may help to set your mind at ease as you navigate this exciting time with your young adult offspring.

Don’t panic.

When your child first tells you that she does not want to go to college you may be quite concerned for her future. So many of us followed the college and career path in our own lives and it may only seem right that our children should, too.

Start by trying to look at things from her perspective. Have a conversation with your child about why she isn’t interested in seeking higher education. Your child has likely thought these things through and, if you take the time to truly listen, she will gladly explain to you her ideas. You may even get an inside look at her passions.

Be mindful that you don’t shut down her ideas, as this quickly eliminates communication and it may be difficult to get her talking again later.


Be sure to pray for your child’s future, both on your own and with your child if he is on board. Families of faith often do this together already, so seeking guidance and direction from God will probably come naturally.

You may even wish to write your prayers down in a journal and then jot down answers whenever you feel the Holy Spirit speak. Come together again later to discuss what you’ve heard and felt God saying.

Your child still has options.

Higher education is not for everyone for various reasons. More and more these days, young people are ready to dive into their lives as adults rather than plugging away at more education. There are many other ways to learn throughout their lives. If your child isn’t sure what their next step is this career exploration questionnaire or curriculum might be a great place to start. 

Your child may wish to look into online classes, depending on the direction he is going. There are technical classes available within most communities and these often take much less time to complete than a traditional degree program.

Perhaps your child has a business idea that she would like to try out. Now is the perfect time to do so! You can encourage her to make a business plan and see it through. You may also be able to help her brainstorm business ideas and make plans, as well as assist her in determining how she will finance her endeavor.

Realize that this choice is one of many that your child will now be making on his own for the rest of his life.

Your child may have already graduated or may soon be graduating from his homeschool high school. As he moves into his life as an official adult he will have many choices to make. He is quite capable by this time, but may still desire your input. You know your child best. Allow him to make decisions for himself where possible, even when they are not the choices you would make.

You can empower your child to be the person God has created him to be and to step into the career path or business he desires. This is one of the best things you can do for your child as a parent. It is our job, after all, to equip and prepare our children for life. He is meant to step out from under our umbrella and try out his wings.

Though you will have concerns about your child’s future (trust me, he does too!) knowing that he has his parents in his corner will spur him on toward greatness in all that he does. Being allowed the freedom to choose for himself will give him the courage to continue confidently making decisions for his future.

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