Confessions of a Converted Public Schooler

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Hello, I’m Logan or as some of you know me as the awkward teenager from Little House in the Cove. I was not always homeschooled. Yes, I know it is a shock but I started my educational journey like most children, in a local public school.

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I was doing well in public school. I had lots of friends and enjoyed doing the various activities. That all changed when the teachers decided I was having trouble focusing and sitting still during class. Sitting all day long was a struggle for me. It was then that my doctor diagnosed me with ADHD.

That was when things began to change for me. My parents agreed to put me on medications for ADHD thinking they were doing the right thing. The pills made me so sick. I was constantly being put on all different kinds of medicine. I was no longer the fun, silly me. I started losing weight and getting dark lines under my eyes and Mom could not take it anymore. So, she took me off my medications and refused to let me take them anymore. At this time I was in 5th grade and my teacher was demanding that I be put back on my medications. My mom refused the request. No longer did she want the mad, grumpy, and depressed person that the pills made me.

Then Mom told my Dad she was going to start homeschooling me.

When I first started I thought that this was going to be a piece of cake and I would just fly through everything. I was wrong! It takes a lot of guts and hard work to homeschool even more so than when you were in public school. Mom had me take a test to see where I was before we got started. We discovered I was way behind where I should have been. We bought a lot of books for Science, History, Grammar, and Math. In order to get to where I needed be we had to do two years of math in one year!

I had to sit for a long time on each subject, but mom was there helping me. I was the only one who was homeschooling at the time. Yes, I have brothers and a sister, but they were not old enough for school work yet. I had no clue what I was doing. It was just me and mom and sometimes we came out in a bad mood because I would not understand an easy math problem. Yet, the longer we homeschooled the better I have become.

In public school, you get to be around others so that’s a positive side but on the other hand, there are homeschool places to go too. Like at the zoo homeschoolers get in free and there is a homeschool group where you can meet others.

At public school, if you want to use the restroom you have to ask and most of the time they say no. So that’s a downside, but I do miss all the friends I was making.

Homeschool is just better I can now just do all my work on the computer by myself. My mom knows what I’m working on at all times, so that I can’t slack or get into trouble. I also have time to pursue things I love like karate.

I think I was always a homeschool kid I just did not know it. Public school was just not right for me and when I started homeschooling I just loved it.


Logan, also known as the awkward teenager on his mom’s website, is a just a teenager with a huge heart. He loves hanging out with the family chickens, dabbling in computer programming, hanging out in the local martial arts dojo and recently began his newest journey in the local junior firefighter program. His future goals are to join the Marines and get a degree in computer programing.

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