Confessions of a Year Round Homeschooling Mom

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As a blogger I believe that it is important to be real because I’m a homeschool mom just like you. My life isn’t perfect. My homeschool is far from perfect. My children struggle with subjects like math, writing and art. My marriage isn’t picture perfect either. I am just like you. A fellow homeschool mom who is striving to do best as a wife, mother, homeschooler and entrepreneur. I fail often, but I always get back up again. 

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Sometimes when people find out that I homeschool year round, they think I must always love homeschooling. While it is true that I am a huge advocate for year round homeschooling for all families, lest you think I have it all together, there are a few confessions I need to make…

  • I worry about my children succeeding throughout their lives

I know that I can teach them everything they *need* to know, but because I can’t see into their future and see what they’ll be doing throughout their lives, I worry that I might miss something they could learn throughout their homeschool journey that will help them throughout their lives.

  • At times, I miss having summers off from homeschooling. 

I’m originally from Texas, but my family and I live in Maine. I have a very small window of hot summer days to enjoy in Maine, so homeschooling in the summer is often not what I want to be doing. Yet, by homeschooling year round I have the opportunity to take days off during the summer because we often exceed the required days in our state before summer even arrives.

  • I struggle with over planned (and under planned!) homeschool days

This year my goal is to stick to my recommendation that you add 1 subject to your homeschool days in addition to your math, english and literature courses. I’m considering teaching one subject in full before moving onto the next one to ensure I stick to this plan.

  • We don’t take enough field trips

Since moving north after buying our family business, field trips have not really been a part of our homeschooling journey. We’ve done some outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing and water sports, but there haven’t been many field trips beyond that. For the upcoming homeschool year I have to teach my children about the history of Maine, so I am hoping to go on monthly field trips that coordinate with these lessons.

  • I don’t stay focused on our homeschool day often enough

Since my children are older (middle school age), I don’t focus on what they’re studying enough because they have been taught to be independent learners since they were young. As we’re approaching high school I am determined to be more diligent to sit with them as they complete their lessons, grade their work and give them undivided attention when they need help.

  • We push through too many frustrating homeschool days

I am list checker by nature and very determined, while both of these qualities are admirable typically, for a homeschool mom they can be too much. Thankfully both my children and I are learning that if any of us are frustrated with the day’s lessons that it is time to walk away. Sometimes we walk away for the entire day, other times we just take a break. It depends how early on in the frustration that we choose to take a break.

  • I don’t extend enough grace or patience

Grace is required. Patience is necessary. Always. Yet, I do not extend enough grace or patience to my children or to myself. We all have bad days and often times we just need to give (and receive!) patience and grace.

I hope that through these simple confessions that you see a bit of the real me. Often the posts I share with you here are written more for myself than they are for you. Yet, I know that I can’t be alone in these struggles, (or at least I hope I’m not!) so I share them with you to encourage you that you are not alone, that you are doing a great job and that your family is exceptionally blessed by your desire to homeschool your children.

Do not grow weary because you’re too hard on yourself. Homeschooling is a journey. There will be mountain top experiences and valley low struggles, but you can make it through it all because you are not alone. I’m right here with you.

Misty - Founder of Year Round Homeschooling

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