Faith Building Challenge

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Building your faith is part of the race you run throughout your life. There is not a certain place that you reach where your faith can’t be built anymore. It is a journey that never ends. This Faith Building Challenge was designed to encourage you along the way!

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Often as homeschool moms, we put ourselves last. There are just too many things we need to do, all of our people need our attention and we go to bed every night with a to-do list that wasn’t completed. 

The problem with neglecting to take care of ourselves is that eventually, our cups will run dry. We can’t continue to pour out when we aren’t filling ourselves up. 

Building our faith is essential not only to ourselves but to our family as well.

Many of our days as homeschool moms will require strength and direction from the Lord. We will need guidance for our relationships and the tasks that lie ahead of us. 

Inside this Faith Building Challenge, you’ll find 5 weekly activities to help build your faith including Scripture memorization, prayer journaling, accountability meetings and more.

For even more monthly challenges to use throughout the coming year, be sure to check out my store page here. 

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