Finding Community as a Homeschool Mom

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When you begin a homeschooling journey, there is no way to know what lies ahead. Homeschooling is often an exciting, fun, though sometimes overwhelming adventure. Finding community as a homeschool mom, specifically with other homeschool moms, can provide particular support that you may need as you educate your children.

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While some homeschool moms thrive being part of a community, not all homeschool moms need a community. So, don’t be concerned if having a community is not a big priority for you. Those that have family and close friends that support their decision to homeschool and even help provide advice and assist with their children’s education often don’t require a community.

Whether you have a homeschool support system in place or not, perhaps you are finding yourself in need of a community? There are many places that you can begin to search for a community to call your own. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box!

Finding Community as a Homeschool Mom

As homeschool moms, we can find support in many ways and from a wide variety of people in our lives. Consider the questions below to determine places where you might find the community you’re looking for.

  • Does your church have an affiliated homeschool group?

Many churches do. If you have been in your church for a while, you may already know whether this is a resource available to you through your church. If you are relatively new to your church, you can visit their web site, ask church friends or call the church office to find out.

  • Are there support groups in your area?

If you live in or near a city with any kind of homeschool population, there may be one or more homeschool support groups in the area that meet together on a regular basis. These groups are sometimes affiliated with churches or organizations, but they are often run by one or more homeschool moms who were looking to connect with other homeschool families.

  • Is there a homeschool co-op in your city?

A homeschool co-op is typically a gathering of two or more families, coming together to educate their children. They cooperatively teach various subjects to their children as a group or in small groups, or classes, on a regular basis. Most meet weekly, following a traditional school year schedule.

Topics such as science, art, music, literature are often available, depending on the specific group or organization. Homeschool co-ops allow parents to have someone else to teach subjects to her children that are not necessarily her strong suit. In return, she can then teach other children a topic that she is skilled at or knowledgeable about.

  • Does your local public library offer any ‘homeschool days’ activities?

Sometimes libraries will cater to their homeschooling patrons by offering classes, specifically for homeschooled children, that take place during ‘school hours’. Others may not offer homeschool-specific classes, but they will have a list of classes and activities available for you to pick and choose from for each month.

  • Have you tried homeschool groups online?

We are living in an age where almost anything is available through the world wide web. Homeschooling resources are no exception. With a little bit of research, you can find groups and memberships that have been created specifically for homeschool moms. Did you know that I have one for Year Round Homeschoolers? Join us here

There are subject or curriculum-specific groups; encouragement groups; Christian homeschooling groups; secular homeschooling groups; homeschool method groups, like unschooling or Charlotte Mason; groups for readers of homeschool magazines and other organizations and more.

Finding Community Within Groups

There are many different ways that you can find community within types of groups and organizations. The suggestions listed below are just that, suggestions. The sky is the limit, there are likely more opportunities available to you as well. 

  • Participate in ‘moms’ night out’ events

Many groups and organizations will host events like this on a monthly or quarterly basis. These are times to have fun with other moms, and usually without the kids tagging along. You can form new friendships, find others who share your interests and take advantage of the opportunity to mentor other homeschool mamas, or to get your own questions answered.

  • Join homeschool co-op classes

Sometimes, homeschool co-ops will offer classes for moms, too. You could possibly join your child’s art or music lessons. There may be craft classes or Bible study opportunities that you can be a part of. Ask around or check your co-op’s web site to learn what your co-op offers homeschool moms specifically.

  • Chat online

There are many ways to get involved in discussions about homeschooling. Simply find groups online associated with some of your favorite homeschool blogs, homeschooling methods/styles and/or curriculum publishers and jump in! There are even a few that offer in-person meetups, on occasion. What a fun way to take an online friendship offline!

  • Meet at your local public library

Moms have been taking their children to the library for decades! No matter how young or old your children are, the library is a nice place to go and sit, read a book and meet other people.

It is often in those quiet moments of the day that you will begin a conversation, see a need that you can meet, or help your child find a new friend. Homeschool moms frequent the library, so be sure to take a look around you when you visit. Your next best support and confidant may be sitting quietly in the chair beside you.

When you become part of a community you will find many opportunities to connect with other homeschool moms. Support is important for homeschool moms and being part of a community with others that understand our lifestyle can be a tremendous blessing! 

Do you have suggestions for finding community as a homeschool mom? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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