Free Rainbow Unit Study and Printables (Middle School)

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Spring is the perfect time to see countless rainbows, so what better time to learn about them in your homeschool? Below you’ll find resources for a free unit study, exclusive rainbow printables and other rainbow themed resources for your middle schooler.

We’ve compiled various online resources including; videos, tests, games and more. You’ll also find free printables and lapbooks below.


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Free Rainbow Science Lessons

Making Light of Science (Article)

The Lighter Side of Color (Article)

All Those Seeing Color, Say Eye (Article)

The Science of Light Spectrum (Article)

Seeing Color (Article)

The Science of Rainbows (You Tube Video)

Rainbow Science Experiments

7 Create a Rainbow Experiments

Rainbow in a Jar

Rainbow Roses

Walking Water Experiment

Rainbow Test Tube

Light Spectrum Experiment

Rainbow Art Projects

Rainbow Swirl Tree

Melted Rainbow Crayon Art

Rainbow Bottle Cap Mural

Alcohol Inked Tile Coasters

Free Rainbow Music Tutorials

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Guitar Lesson You Tube Video)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Piano Lesson You Tube Video)

Fun & Free Rainbow Learning Resources

Fun Rainbow Facts (Article)

Rainbow Quiz (Online Resource)

Light Spectrum Quiz (Online Resource)

Free Rainbow Printables

Rainbow Maze

Rainbow Science Fun

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