Hibernation Study Calendar

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Hibernation is a mystery that kids will greatly enjoy learning about as part of your wintertime homeschooling! Kids love learning about animals, so this fun Hibernation Study Calendar is sure to be a hit!

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Science has never been my favorite subject and neither of my kids loved it either. Unless we were learning about animals and nature. 

Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time outside hiking, biking, building forts, gardening, etc. Perhaps, that is why the study of the outdoors interested my children. 

As much time as we spent outside, I do wish we had spent more time outdoors than we did. Children learn so much better when they get to experience what they’re being taught. 

While showing your children hibernation in action can be difficult. In the winter months, check out this bear den web cam to bring it to life for them!

This calendar follows a unit study style featuring lessons on hibernation through different subjects. 

Your kids will have fun singing songs, creating a lapbook, reading stories, cooking and more while learning about hibernation.

For even more hibernation learning fun, check out this unit study.

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