Homeschool High School Transcripts Made Easy (with Printable)

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Not much scares a homeschool mom. We look Algebra in the eye and wrestle with it until our children earn the credit. We handle all ages and stages from the ABCs to Physics and still have hair on our head. We laugh in the face of opposition and snicker at questions about socialization. Yet, there is one area that we never feel prepared for and that high school transcripts.

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Why do we fear high school transcripts so much? That fear comes from a few different places.

  • Believing the default method of education is public or private school and only their transcripts and diplomas are valid or will be seen as valid.
  • During the high school years, we are faced with the raw fact that we have the job of preparing our child for the next big level of higher education.
  • We question our ability to teach high school, much less prepare these papers that will set our kids on their path for the rest of their lives.

Why we do not need to fear the high school transcript.

  • You chose to homeschool to provide the best education for your child. That is just as true in the high school years as it was during kindergarten.
  • No one is better equipped to prepare your child for the next step than you are. You are your child’s biggest advocate, so you will find a way to provide your child the best experiences to prepare them for the road ahead.
  • Let’s just be real. Creating a homeschool transcript is not hard or mind-boggling in any way. It is simply a collection of the classes your child has taken during his high school years.

What Goes in a High School Transcript

Grab your notebook and a cup of coffee. Don’t worry, if you feel unprepared or if you feel like you have not recorded anything of your child’s high school years and he is about to graduate. Let’s get this done together. Take a deep breath.

Things to add to high school transcripts:

  • List every course your child has taken during each year of high school. List the grade and number of credits assigned. If you are starting early, get a binder and divide it into each high school year and update it regularly.
  • List every award or achievement your child has earned with details of dates and explanations.
  • List every activity and volunteer job with dates when started, ended, and a description.
  • Grab final SAT or ACT scores

Once you have this information you can plug it into a transcript, like the free printable provided for you below.

I promise you if you take this step by step, with your favorite cup of coffee beside you, this process will be over before you know it. The printable provided will help you organize it all and is basically plug and play!

What about High School transcripts concern you the most?


Richele is a homeschooling mom of 4 children ranging in age from 9 to 19 years old. She has a collegiate background in educational psychology which did little to prepare her for grading math papers while making dinner. You can find her blogging at Talking Mom2Mom. After admitting to a font addiction and many hex colored dreams, she created Ruby INK Design where she creates printables, media kits, and more to help women create their best online presence through design.

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