How to Find Balance as a Homeschool Mom + Printable Challenge

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Balance. Homeschool. Mom. How do these three things work together? Is it possible for a homeschool mom to find balance in her life? 

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Personally, I’ve found that doing things in 3s keeps me balanced and grounded. Three things don’t overwhelm me. Move beyond 3 and I begin to drop balls everywhere.

It is also why I only wear three hats — homeschool mom, business owner and professional blogger. I’ve tried adding more hats and it just didn’t work for me. So, it only makes sense that’s how I find balance for my life is by using 3 easy steps. 

 3 Easy Steps for a Homeschool Mom to Find Balance

The first step to finding balance as a homeschool mom is the most important step. There will always be too much to do. If you skip step one, you won’t find the right balance for you. 

My life’s balance works best when I keep things in order the way that God intended. Sometimes it is a struggle because tasks seem more important out of this order. Other times I fail completely and my prioritization list flips upside down. When this happens, I find my footing and get back up again, putting things back in the proper order.

  • Prioritize your life

    • Faith

    • Family 

    • Home

    • Homeschool

The second step makes life so much easier for anyone, but especially for a busy homeschool mom. The key is to keep your prioritizations in mind as you complete it. 

I make my lists a week ahead of time as much as possible. Most of my to-dos get placed in a weekly goals column. It is easier for me to complete them when I know I have all week to do so because I never know what a day is going to bring.

If I have too much on my daily list and don’t get it all done, I’ll be frustrated and it’ll mess up the rest of the days of that week because it will have to be moved over to tomorrow. It is easier to complete something on a slower/quieter day than to add another thing to a crazy busy day.

As you complete step two, be sure to only include things that need to be done today or this week.  This will keep you from being overwhelmed and getting off track.

  • Make to-do lists

    • Faith

    • Family

    • Home

    • Homeschool

Once you have your priorities set up and your to-do lists ready, it is time for step 3 and it is easy. In fact, once you’ve started following these three steps consistently, you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t think of this system on your own. 

If you look at your entire list of daily/weekly list of to-dos you’re likely going to want to go hide away in bed. Sometimes that is ok. I’ve done it. More often than not though, it is not an option.

Instead of looking at everything you will accomplish by the end of the day/week, just get started with one thing. Use a highlighter to mark each task you complete and see what is the next thing while you’re there. Now off you go to…

  • Do the next thing

    • Minimal pressure

    • Less overwhelming

    • Easy completion

A homeschool mom’s balance is found by staying on track of each area of her life. By following these 3 steps, you will find the balance you long for as a homeschool mom. They will help keep you focused on the right things at the right time because prioritization comes first, your lists are based on those priorities and you’re completing tasks for each priority daily. 

If you’re still uncertain how to get started, let me help! My printable Homeschool Mom Balance Challenge was designed to show you how to keep moving throughout your day ensuring that you touch each area of prioritization in your life. I’ll show you easy ways to organize your life, teach you how to prioritize tasks, get your children involved to lighten your load (and teach them life skills!) and complete your to-dos with margin left in your days!  




homeschool mom balance challenge, homeschool mom challenge, balance challenge homeschool mom, homeschool mom challenge

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