How to Homeschool High School Easily + High School Checklist

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There is something about the thought of choosing to homeschool high school that strikes a bit of fear into homeschool moms. For some, it is the realization that their children are almost grown-up, while others struggle with the fact that this part of their education seems to matter more for their future. 

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As far as those two specific facts are concerned, the truth is that 1) our children have to grow up sometime and 2) their entire homeschooling journey combined matters for their future. The 4 years of high school are just a continuation of what you’ve been doing all along.

Don’t allow fears about choosing to homeschool high school make it more complicated than it is. You can homeschool high school easily. 

One of the biggest benefits to homeschooling high school is that you can customize your child’s education. The electives you include as part of each high school year can be tailored to prepare your teen for their future career.

10 Steps to Homeschool High School

  • Writing

Teens need to be well versed in the written word. If they plan to attend college, you’ll need to ensure they have the ability to write an essay, research papers and short stories. Teens that are headed directly into the workplace should know how to complete professional writing skills such as a resume, business letter, professional biography and proposals. 

  • Perseverance

This is a life skill that your child needs to master prior to graduating from high school. Throughout life, there will be times when they don’t want to push through to complete a project, deal with a struggle or just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

  • Finances

Finances will be an intricate part of your child’s daily life. They need to know how to write a check and balance a checkbook, budget, save money and pay taxes. Most high school math curriculum does not always include financial literacy, but it is a must-have for your teen’s future.

  • Employment

Getting a job as a teen is a great way for your teen to spread their wings a little bit. This will allow them to learn about finances, the importance of hard work and see the rewards that come from the work of their own hands. Be sure that they are prepared for the interview process before they go in for one. 

  • Goals 

Setting goals is important during high school because at the end of those 4 years they’ll be headed out on their own, responsible for themselves and their future. You can include your teen in making plans for each year of their high school homeschooling journey to help them practice setting goals for themselves. 

  • Volunteer

It is easy to get busy doing your own thing and forget about others that are less fortunate around you. Volunteering in their community (or beyond!) is not only good for your teen’s high school transcripts, but it will teach them the importance of making a difference in the world they live in throughout their lives. 

  • Ethics

You’ve been teaching your child ethics throughout their lives, but now is the time to really hone in on specifics. Take time to sit down and talk to your teen about the importance of morals, how they apply to their lives and ways they can stand strong in the midst of the world we live in today. 

  • Public Speaking

Whether or not your child is going to have a career in public speaking doesn’t mean they won’t ever have to speak in public. By teaching public speaking you’ll be helping your teen prepare for job interviews, teaching classes, conversations with new people and possibly a career that isn’t even on their radar yet. 

  • Apologetics

Your teen needs to be able to defend their faith, doctrine and personal beliefs. We’ve used the God’s Not Dead series and will be using the Cold-Case Christianity series for teaching Apologetics in High School. 

  • Career Exploration

Not all high schoolers know what they want to be when they grow up. That is not only absolutely ok, it is also completely normal. You can help your teens explore different careers as part of their high school years. 

Your high school homeschooling journey will be filled with in-depth conversations. You’ll learn things about your teen that you didn’t realize – like just how grown up they are. The light at the end of the tunnel that you thought you’d be thrilled to see will bring tears to your eyes. Each moment you have with your high schooler will mean more than it did yesterday.

Don’t give up your homeschooling journey just because the thought of homeschooling high school scares you a bit. If you do, you’ll miss the most precious time with your teens and the reward of knowing you did what many think can’t be done…you homeschooled your teen through high school. 

If your child is ready for high school homeschooling, you’ll want to check out these free high school homeschool resources because it shouldn’t break the bank.

What is your best homeschooling high school tip?




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