Homeschool Mom Summer Bucket List

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Have you ever considered putting together a Homeschool Mom Summer Bucket List? 

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Our family’s homeschooling journey, our family’s needs and our husbands are often the top priorities in our everyday lives. 

There is always something that needs to be done. A homeschool mom’s to-do lists are never fully completed.

Housework and quality time with our husbands and kids are daily necessities. So, we’re lucky if we find a blessed moment to be on our own each day.

Summertime tends to be a bit more of a laidback homeschooling season, even for year round homeschoolers. 

While we don’t take a break from homeschooling, often there is a lighter load of schoolwork to be completed each day. 

With a more relaxed summertime schedule in mind, I have a challenge for you. 

Before I share it with you though, I want to paint a picture of why I created this challenge. 

Somehow we’ve either been convinced or talked ourselves into believing that personal time is not as important as other things or people in our lives. 

To be honest with you, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m certain that you’ve read or heard the saying about being unable to pour from an empty cup. 

Has that happened in your life yet? It isn’t if it will happen, but when, in my experience. 

At some point in time, we all reach a “keep on keeping on” or “just keep swimming” stage in our lives. 

The question is what happens when we get there?

If you are there already, I hope that with the challenge I’m fixing to share with you, that I will help you reset yourself.

We all need to be reset sometimes. All. Of. Us. 

Insta-Perfect-Mommas. Pinterest-Home-Queens. Tik-Tok-Rockin’-Babes. Facebook-Scrollin’-Chicks.

For those of you who feel yourselves teetering on the edge, please don’t write this challenge off as unnecessary. 

Making time for you to do things that you enjoy and challenge yourself is key to taking care of yourself. 

We’re all so busy taking care of everyone around us that often we don’t think about who is taking care of us. 

So, are you ready? Well, ready or not, here is the challenge. 

A homeschool mom summer bucket list. 

What it is. 12 activities for you to complete before the end of summer. 

What it isn’t. Ideas for your family this summer. 

I chose the number 12 because that means you only have to find time to do something 1 day a week (except for bucket list #8).

Write in one challenge a week – in your planner, on your fridge – wherever you (and your spouse!) need to be reminded to make a bit of time for yourself. 

You matter. Time for yourself alone matters. Don’t ever forget it. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. 

Without further adieu…

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