Idaho Coloring Pages

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Idaho Coloring Pages are a fun way to wrap up a study of ‘The Gem State‘. 

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My kids loved coloring from an early age. I can remember sitting down at their little desk with them as they created their masterpieces. 

Our refrigerator was often covered in so much of their artwork that you could barely find the handle. When you did find it, several pieces of art usually sailed to the ground as you opened the fridge. 

As my children grew up, the coloring pages on my refrigerator decreased in number until they were no more. 

That doesn’t mean we stopped coloring together, just that they didn’t need their masterpieces to be on display anymore. 

Someday I’ll have to sort through all of their works of art…but that won’t be today. My mom heart isn’t ready for it. 

Coloring these Idaho Coloring Pages with your kids may not seem like a priority today. You likely have many other things that you need to do, but I promise that someday you’ll wish you had more coloring moments to remember. 

So, put the to-dos to the side, grab a box of crayons and discuss with your kids what they know about the state of Idaho. 

Inside this pack, you’ll find pages featuring the state animal, state tree, state flag and much more!

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